Ive lost the love of my life and everyone else Now I just need help ending it Please

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by whateverusername, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. whateverusername

    whateverusername New Member

    I lost my girlfriend and I cant stop feeling dead. I love her more than anything and I've talked to enough people to know that this feeling won't go. Ive been like this for 2 months, and worst off shes still in love with me she even admits it but shes scared of getting hurt in our long-distance relationship so now shes hookig up with other guys and won'yt even talk to me and said she never wants to see me again. Shes the one person who I counted on to never leave, especially when she said she would'nt when I told her about how my parents had abused and deserted me but she did. and I tried seeing other girls but I just feel numb and hollow and sick and no distractions work so I need to die. Honestly, I have a great suport system but I can't be like this anymore.

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  2. SoHappyItHurts

    SoHappyItHurts Well-Known Member

    Re: Ive lost the love of my life and everyone else Now I just need help ending it Ple

    You are obviously lovesick:


    It's like obsessive thinking + depression. Time is on your side. See a therapist for quicker recovery.
  3. petulant

    petulant Member

    Re: Ive lost the love of my life and everyone else Now I just need help ending it Ple

    Hi. I tried to kill myself twice this week after I got dumped. I know he cares about me he's just too damaged. It sucks.

    My therapist definately sved me. I would be dead if it werent for him . I lost a lot of people in my life in the last two years. My husband and my best friend died, and another close friend went crazy.

    Ive been dating some people too, but no, no one measures up.

    I dont know if Im going to come out of this alive either but Ive been breaking my ass to get up every morning and do anothr day. LAst week I decided I couldnt any more and the shrink kind of propped me up, becasue I really felt like I could not stand to be alive another day.

    But today, aside from the huge panic attack, today was a good day. Everything still reminds me of my boyfriend and I get bummed out but I can see some good things. Sometimes. Im going to try and hang around for a while and see if eventually theres enough good things to make me want to live.

    I agree that you should see a therapist. Also, do nice stuff for yourself. And keep busy. exercise. Go to a concert. Do something cool. Stall for a while and see what happens.

    I dont really know if its going to work for me either but Im giving it a shot for now.

    I know you dont want to. Just force yourself to do things with people.
  4. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Re: Ive lost the love of my life and everyone else Now I just need help ending it Ple

    Losing someone you love, either through death or the end of a relationship, requires time to grieve. It has not been that long a time period for you to complete the grieving process. I too think therapy would be a good intervention for you at this time. It can help you to understand the way you are feeling and the thought process behind it. All I can do is tell you to take things one day at a time. If that is too long, take them one hour at a time. Rely on the support system you have. Don't be afraid to grieve the ending of a relationship. It is perfectly normal to do so. I hope you will continue to post here and let us know how things are progressing for you. Take care. :hug:
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