Ive never been so unhappy

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I have no energy left,my parents are splitting,more depressed than ever,my relationship is going down hill,Im making less money,things go wrong everyday,cant sleep,and more things you dont want to know I feel like Ive justed been cursed ever felt that way?
Yes i can honestly say YES i have felt that way. Different stuff going on than you, but the same feelings. Im so sorry youre feeling so down. Praying that you feel better soon.
So sorry to hear that things havent been going well for you... To be honest, I havent felt cursed, just like things dont seem to go right for me at all.. Ive felt like shit before, and I still do at times but you must never give up hope.. If you have ever felt moment in your life has happened in which it makes you feel so special and warm inside, then you will one of those moments again soon (Hope that made sense).. What Im trying to say is to never give up hope, I have before, but then something happened which made me take note that life can be good towards you.. If you need anyone to talk to privately, you can PM me if that would help.

Take care
Snugglepuss :grouphug:
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