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    Just reading some posts on this forum i would like to share what me and my mates went through years ago_Our mate was about 18 had everything going for himself his parents were a little hard on him at times yet he was always happy good at sports he played.What we didnt know he was building up a big doubt with in himself.None of us seen this.he drove his car over a cliff prob is he didnt die straight away as he tried climbing back up his last few hours must have been painful.He left a note and what caused him to suicide was he thought he wasnt good enough to get a girl.We were all shocked and wished he reached out to us.Back in these days was a big stigma around mental illness and suicide.Guess what im saying now is there is so much help now and we all need to stand tall and reach for that as my friend left us all shattered and everyone of us just wished we saw it.We all need to stay safe and get help we need the stigma has dwindled as mental illness is real and its taken serious.We may not think there is way out of that big black hole but there is and i used to hate hearing that but i m getting to the top of it.takes work within yourself to you have to reach deep and start finding you.Some problems seem huge once you start talking them out you can actually see they are minor.Ups and downs will happen and unfortuatally thats part of life as if life was real simple we would be bored.Take every challenge as building your own strength and finding that you can then pass it to the next person.Lets make suicide obsolete

    R I P Shane
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    Sorry you lost such a good friend hun and yes depression is treatable your right hun and it does take alot of work to pull oneself out of that hole but i have seen it done hugs
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    Thanks just wanted to share this as i do see simular posts of what he was holding and how it does affect those left behind.Just want ppl to get well and fight there demons the best they can and have a good outlook on life.And i guess first thing when we are depressed is not too be hard on ourselfs
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    I truely am sorry for your friend and feel for what you all must have gone through.
    It is with things like this, that annual prevention programs are extra important. Sitting down with a neighbour you do not know all that well or a friend whom you think you know everything about... everyone is keeping a little something painful within. :(
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    Yes very true and we all guilty of not wanting to bother someone but people will listen.I let all my pain fears everything build then eventually i snapped now i let loose with it as building it is no good.Ive been through shit loads but im open about it now and it helps relieve it all some things hard too talk about but i find more you can or even write it down make poetry songs stories with the pain helps.