I've read that ECT can cause permanent brain damage. Is this true?


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I have a feeling that no medication is going to stabilize me. I've lately been looking into other treatments. I've even been kicking around the idea of requesting ECT. ECT, I have heard from some, made them feel many times better. Yet I've read that some people, besides memory loss, suffered from some nasty effects. One said he can never work again. Another had permanent brain damage that had similar effects.

Is ECT even worth the risk of physical damage?


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It can definitely cause memory issues, particularly with short-term memory. I'm no expert, but ECT is sometimes used if someone hasn't responded to/benefited from anti-depressants/other psychotropic drugs. Keep in mind ECT has come along way over the years. But definitely discuss pros/cons with a psychiatrist, if you have one. Get a second or third opinion. Do research.


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I think when meds aren't working and you've become a risk to yourself then it's worth discussing with your doctor, you know? Let us know what they tell you, eh.

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