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Ive returned.

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Its been a rough few months if im honest i thought i was passed all the stuff but i guess i really wasnt.. my wonderful boyfriend turned out to be not so wonderful.. i ended up back at square one with a controlling abusive boyfriend.. it last around 4 months when i deicided enough was enough.. the last time he beat me up.. i decided i was going to call the police, he spent 6 hours in the cell to be released and giving a caution... and this is meant to be justist right? Appuling!

Things havent really got much better from there.. but ive met this amazing guy called shaun... he lives about 4hrs and 45mins away from me we havent personally met but we spend all day texting and have alot of phone calls between us, there isnt much he doesnt know about me anymore.

I'm falling in love with him... i cant help it.... i just am.. his voice the way he makes me laugh or the stupid names he calls me like bambi and marshallmellow hes so caring and i know he feels the same for me we've talked about it a few times.. but because of life and its wonders we havent been able to get close..

I guess im just in a pickle again and some how just gliding through life attempting to keep my head above water...

But any whos,

How is everyone else?


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Glad you took back the control and made sure you were not going to be abused. Hope this new relationships works out, and more importantly, you are treated well...welcome back
sadly there is no relationship.. no matter how much we both want it.. in this time and place its not going to happen... i wish it would but looking at things its almost impossible not only am i stupidly in love with him.. hes my bestfriend he knows this aswell... so for now we're stay bestfriends until his life settles down and he knows where hes at... and until i know what i want and where i want to be.. i was considering moving nearer to him.. considering in all fairness it would probly do me good.. i live in a small town so i quite often see the people who abused me very often .. who knows maybe a new year a new home? a new start


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I hope you find a new path, and please share with us as you are looking for it...sometimes people can see what we cannot because we are too close to it
to be honest with you im not sure where my new path starts lol
its all so confusing
i have home here.. but what exactly is "home"? this is just a house.. made of bricks ect i wouldnt exactly call it home..
so much to do if i want to move i need to know i have a job to walk into so things really arnt that simple..
its more of a puzzle..


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Sometimes, we just have to start...(thousand miles starting with first step) and take it from there...that's when I think having faith in one's self and the caring of others is critical


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Just be careful aimee

If you have told this guy everything - it may be a good thing - but why not meet people normally?

Don't get me wrong - you could meet someone online - but falling in love with someone you never met? No way can you not bring doubt into the situation - I mean until you meet - and meet his family - I'd reserve your enthusiasm.

If the guy just wants to meet you - alone - well that's your life - but I'd advise any women meeting a guy to meet his family more so if you meet him online.

A man who beats you up - when your first met him I bet you never said "I hate you and will beat you up" - he will say 'wonderful things'.

Just be careful you don't come out of an abusive relationship and start the cycle.

EVERY man will be extremely nice - for an interim period. We know why.

I don't wait to sound cynical - I think you can make a friend on the internet for sure. But falling in love before you meet - before you have his family and friends? Any guy can make himself sound like so plausible its unreal. Some of us really are nice - but generally were not trawling the internet looking to connect up for a date.

Anyhow - take a mate with you or something when you meet - and meeting for the first time? - public place - kiss him good night - if he comes back - you got a feasible man. If he cries the blues bout dying because you won't take things further - dump him - nicely.

but its your call - my call is just a safety warning.

Has to be said - I'm a man - I could reel off a million pretty lies to anyone - but I don't which is why I'm single!

And if your feeling down - and told this man - even that's a kind of opportunity for some men. the worse will lie the best sadly. Which is why you ought to court them for a good amount of time really - not by text, phone, email - being with them and the people they know.

If they do not know anyone - be wary. Could be legit - but even so - be wary. Woman not knowing many people is not a threat. With men we have pasts - women have to know them - him telling you about his past - is not always the best evidence.

But good luck - might be a nice real nice man for sure - hope he is now you've kind of let him into your heart without meeting!! Unwise - but maybe your intuition is right this time - maybe you learned from the last lowlife. I hope so!

Good luck - try to meet his family - of you think you love him and he says he loves you (bet you he has) then meet his. Got to be done really. If he is genuine he might take you to see him mum and sister or something that very day!

How long did it take you to decide you were in love?

i can see your warning,
and i understand it im not about to run off and meet him by myself,
hes going to come to me in april just as friends.. hes different i know that sounds so stupid hes supported me through everything, i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for him..
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