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  1. whybother??

    whybother?? Guest

    hey folks. Right 1st off i cant login to my account hence why ive done it here

    this thread isnt intended on hating on any1 and i wont mention names

    OK so before i met (insert name here) i use to self harm, tried to kill myself and did drugs, wen we was going out for the 3 years i couldnt of been happier! the nite we split i did cut myself badly and tried to hang myself. my life since she left me has been fucking SHIT,i smoke about 20-30 cigs a day, cut myself often and i smoke dope, i dont have my own place anymore, no job , no g/f , my parents dont want me living here (they even said that) my only friends live over 130 miles and i cant contact them. and now (insert name here) is trying to make my life even worse!!!! as if i didnt think it cud (insert name here) found a way!

    If every1 around me hates me this much then there just better off if i just walked infront of the next 18 wheeler that comes past my house :-( friends , family, ex, wouldnt give a shit if i went. they all wud be alot better off if i was dead

    If (insert name here) is reading this i just want to apologize with all my heart for anyway i miss treated u, i never deserved u and im glad uve got on with ur life. i'll be honest with u even tho u have made my life worse than it already was (and im not blaming the fact my life is shit on u, u just made it worse) i still in sum weird fucked up way care about u..

    ADMINS please dont delete this thread, edit it do anything just please dont delete it :( :( :( :(
  2. Hazibell

    Hazibell Well-Known Member

    i just...don't really know what to say tbh.
    just that, i feel so fucked up and horrible its unbelieveable...
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