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  1. romerowells

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    for starters i know that all i want is to say i love someone. i loved once and she ripped my heart out in the end and since then i havnt tried to love anyone even though i really want to. all i think about are girls and i know i will get no where with it. i think im very un-attractive and i think thats why no one wants to date me. my friends are very supportive but no one understands me. if someone can tell me how to fix my problem then i will be greatful.
  2. Theodora

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    I wish I could tell you how to fix your problem Romerowells. I'm glad your friends are supportive. It might help if you tried to think about other things than girls. Study, sport, hobbies say. Losing someone always hurts an awful lot. Perhaps next time try to take things a little slower.
  3. Rkmnd

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    Maybe you kinda gave a possible solution for yourself....your friends are supportive, that is a very powerful tool. Talk to them, see if they can't give you a hand, maybe they can assist you in one way or another, suggestions, etc. Maybe even get some critical thoughts from them, try not to take it personal, but maybe they can suggest how to approach it, and such... Alot of possibilities exist there.