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I've tried it all

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funny thing is I've tried everything there is to shake this monster on my shoulder. I've tried at least 20 different meds from zoloft to lithium. I've gone as far as having 6 e.c.t.s. for anyone considering it, all I can say is do it if you don't mind loosing all memories for about 6 months before and after. I had once been told many years ago that I was a worst case situation and that they couldn't help me. now what?!?


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6 sessions of ECT is only half what it normally takes, tho if you have suffered permanent memory loss from it then I don't blame you for stopping. Have you tried CBT?

Why do you think you're like this, is there any way you could change your life that would make you happier? would being a millionaire living on a private beach do the trick?
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