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I've Tried

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I've tried to fix this, I've called the docs and other helplines. I've taken the right meds but this doesnt fix anything. I've spoken to a friend tho he doesnt seem to think this is real. Heck i dont even think this is, just hoping one day to wake up someone else.
I want out. I called and spoke to a wonderful lady who in fact did fill me with hope, but straight after it was gone as reality hit and once again my situation became clear, im in this alone. Im sick of this all and i hope through out the day i can find the strength and a reason to fade away.

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Hun we are here you are NOT alone okay talk to us we are listening Ihope you can talk to that lady again Pm me anytime okay:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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Guilt, stress and well abusive parents. I hate sounding like this and its cliche and so stupidly selfish and pathetic but everything is wrong. I have no friends that i could truly turn to as like all the rest they would most likely laugh and tell their friends. But maybe this is a good thing, a reason to go. ive been diagnosed with depression since i was 15 and my useless family still cant even see it. Im sick of feeling. I hate rambling on forgive me but well i dont have anyone and believe me i dont. sure the call centres can help but its only temporary. I hurt some people a while (not physically) back and they will not forgive me which lead to my addiction to feel pain. yes i take meds but they dont really work for me, they make me feel a little less worthless, that i cant even make myself happy
I dont know if this is my last night or week or month but my numbness will win one day i hope


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You need to forgive yourself for hurting others everyone does it at one point or another. Making mistakes is part of being human, as long as you learn from them their is a positive from the negative.

Those aren't true friends then if they'd laugh and tell others. Although guys are sort of like that I remember saying that a few years ago if I'd talk to my guy friends about my problems they'd just hang up.. Woman are usually more understanding when it comes to those kinds of things.

At the end of the day you do only have yourself up need to be easier and kinder to yourself. You need to show yourself more love and compassion.


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Ive only ever had myself as cliche as it sounds, the way im abused and left its kinda a reaction to bring myself down.

Ive tried to forgive myself for what i did, but when you know u hurt some one you care about its like stabbing yourself in the end. And to have any friend to understand would be blissful. Sorry if its sounds like im feeling sorry for myself or any other bullshit and i never usually sound like this but im just trying to talk myself out of it and calm myself.


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I just feel like im wastin peoples time even here. People come here and they have so much more pain and loss than me, and im feelin shit cause of my frivolous problems....
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