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  1. Vampira.Book

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    A single crimson tear
    Falls from my wrist today
    And as you watch you jot it down
    To torture and pain me more
    You want to push me!
    To the edge
    To the end
    So let me have this final word
    With silver blade now stained red
    With the blood of an innocent girl
    I did nothing wrong to you
    I have never caused you pain
    My suicide, my suicide
    Darling can't you see
    Loving you is killing me
    For you've been hating who I am
    Despising my inner soul
    Here's the blade
    Drive it deep
    Into the black abyss you've made!
    Of my heart, of my soul!
    End this pain you've caused
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    :hug: Great poem :)
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