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jane doe again botthering people

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jane doe

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i know you must be tired of reading my posts because, ialways talk about the facking same feelings, so i´ll understand if this thread hasn´t replys, it´s ok. i just wanted to say i´m drunk again and that i miss work again(tomorrow will be 3 weeks without going) what the hell, i´m thinking about hurting myself at every second of the day and i liiiike it, i see my scars and i just want to make some more, i want to die as you may know, and i think about it every second and it´s ok. i felt so happy today that i think my brain has to nivelate things. lol i dunno what to do but keep drinking, and i knoiw i won´t go to work tomorrow. i am so sick. i feel like the whole world must dissapear but that won´t happend so i´m the one who must dissapear. yeahp don´t take my words seriously i´m too drunk to think about anything, or is just that i can see things how they really are?. you know what is after this life there´s nothing but worms, yeahp we all are gonna be eaten by those little bugs that we hate so much.
pain is what we all have and my pain is drawned now by delicious beer. and later it will be ended by wounds and who knows may be someday, my pain ends for good(when i stop being a coward)


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this is not humerous. earlier you told me in a pm that you were fine. now you tell me about wanting to die. you need to be honest with me. i know part of it may have to do with the fact that you are drunk. tell me the real deal. pm me if you want. you are scaring me. i hope you are going to be ok.
Hey, I know what its like to be drunk and want to die and all that shit... trust me. I've been an alchoholic for years and fuck I get messed up when I drink...
Please talk to someone you trust.
Don't do this to yourself... you don't deserve it.


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I also know that feeling. The first time I attempted suicide I was drunk. I OD on pills and cut all night. It was the worse thing ever. I was incredibley sick the next day.
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