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Jared Loughner Sick or Evil?

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Here are a couple links to add to this discussion, I was reading another article on my iphone yesterday but now I can't find it, oh well...

That smile he had on his face after he killed and maimed all those people is quite revolting and disgusting, I'm not here to condemn his heinous actions however I'm curious on your guys opinions.

What are your guys views on this massacre and tragedy?

As the one article points it's easier to "hate him" and label him as a "bad person" or just purely evil compared to thinking he was "mentally ill" or "sick"

In another sense it's almost a collective relief for society to think that only an "insane" or "crazy" person is capable of such a monstrous and horrendous act. People don't want to think a person in their right mind could do such a horrific act...

Some of the things he looked up on the internet days before seemed to indicate he planned. I'm not exactly sure on his mental state but he was deemed unfit for trail, he could have been "shizophrenic" at the time of the shooting who knows, I only have what I'm reading on the internet here...

My brother told me he thought only a small percentage of his state could read, so it's clear he wasn't thinking right and was out of touch with reality, not that guarantees him a successful insanity defense...

In more general terms(not his specific case), insanity when committing a crime or other wrong doing is a complex process, their can be the delusional defense, the irresistible impulse defense, even diminished capacity, on top of the more known insanity or temporary insanity..

It's barbaric to treat or hold someone responsible someone who is mentally ill or severely diminished psychologically for whatever reason the same way as a fully sane person would be.
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I'll put my views without knowing the details I think he was sick but what he did was also evil. He had some evil in him as well all do however the sickness brought it out to a level that's barbaric. Even if your sick it doesn't justify shooting up innocent people there are lots of sick people who don't do that however it is an important factor.

Had he not been sick or mentally ill it's extremely unlikely he would have done what he did.

This one quote stands out for me.

"It's easier to make sense of things when the person is simply bad," said Dr. Kenneth Duckwod

If the person "is simply bad" then you can easily hate then and feel justifiable doing it., not just in this case but in cases that effect our everyday lives.

In general terms "Simply bad" is merely an opinion or perspective, it's easy to judge someone like that who you don't know well...

Without knowing the facts I feel he should be locked up in a mental facility indefinitely. Medicate him so he can recognize the horror that he has caused and the pain and suffering all of these people will have to deal with for the rest of their lives, losing their loved ones...
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