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jen, please read this! misunderstanding.

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when you asked if we could still be friends you and i were thinking on 2 different levels. i was just so upset at the time i wasnt thinking correctly. yes we can still be friends, i meant its going to be hard but not in the way that you were thinking i said it. it was hard before just being a friend, because i always wanted more with you. truth is i was having doubts just as bad. and they took a hell of a toll, because i was so obsessed over it i ended up dropping all my classes because i couldnt focus on anything else. it was constant worry, especially since youre so far outta my league. and the time when i would go days at a time without hearing from you. my thoughts were getting the better of me. things have just been so messed up from the get go. it seems all i did was worry and i turned into this obsessive compulsive jealous insecure person. maybe it is better if were just friends, idk. but dont shut me out completely. *hugs* still love you please talk to me
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