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    While I may have never known you personally, you wouldn't believe how profound of an effect your death had on me. I can't begin to tell you how selfish I feel when I say that at your funeral, I felt somewhat jealous. Let me explain: the church was legitimately OVERFLOWING with people all crying for your loss, and I cried too. It was truly heartbreaking to see everyone who knew and loved you so deeply sad that you were gone.

    Selfishly, I began to imagine my own funeral... and if anyone would be there to be sorry that I was gone. Would anyone cry? Would the church be overflowing? I can't say, but I feel horrible that I was so selfish.

    We all miss you, Jenny. It'll be five years come the 24th, and we still miss you. I wish I could apologize to you for such disrespect... I wish I could take it back
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    I am sorry for your loss and your pain you suffer.:heart:
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    i'm sorry for your loss. but i constantly ask myself the same questions. would people come to my funeral? would anyone care? idk..