jeremy hunt shames patients with nhs drug costs

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  1. Xaos

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  2. JmpMster

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    I wonder if the intend to put the cost on basic common antibiotics that cost £2.50 and point out are still charging the standard £8.20 fee for? Perhaps with label "thank you for supporting NHS with your over payment" ?
  3. Deleted SKU

    Deleted SKU Well-Known Member

    I get where the idea comes from, but it's aiming at completely the wrong targets. Let's start off with the banks the taxpayer kept afloat, the massive global businesses exploiting the tax loopholes left open for them, all the properties and goods claimed on expenses by MPs. Maybe shame the fucking hypocritical leeches sucking hundreds of thousands of funds each from the taxpayers pockets, and pumping millions, or even billions more in to the pockets of the most wealthy individuals and organizations in the UK, before looking at those who are getting £20 worth of medical treatment with the goal of trying to be a normal functioning (and tax paying) member of society.
  4. Terry

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    "There is no such thing as a free health service," he told the Local Government Association conference.

    Erm excuse me Mr Hunt (spelt with a C), wtf did I pay into my entire working life?
  5. Freya

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    I think that is the point Terry - its not free - you paid for it with your taxes for all of those years.

    Obviously the headline is ridiculous and designed to piss people off (how unusual for the media) as the point he is trying to make is not that people who need medications should not have them, but that people are getting medications they are not using "£300 million in wasted medications". The notices are clearly meant to remind people that the medication is not free (hard working tax payers paid for it) so not to contribute to the waste. From reading it (and other articles about it) I see no intent to "shame" people who need meds, just a reminder that the resource is not free and limitless so not to waste it.

    Just another example of the media trying (and succeeding) to rile people up over something that is actually not that unreasonable.
  6. JmpMster

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    I found it amusing- since i do not use that system - but every Dr bill and every prescription i have has a total cost and what the insurance paid- so while they cost me nothing or $10 copay , my insurance paid $xyz for it.

    I actually think it would help accountability of not only people, but NHS if it were similar practice there - because the healthcare is not free in anyway- NHS cost billions and you have the right to know how that is being spent- £55 / per visit to GP - then you can ask "WTF does it cost that much for that 15 minutes?" - same as we do here. Then when they say they are cutting benefits again you can legitimately question why it cost so much to see a GP it is impossible to see a specialist and getting an MRI is deemed an impossibility after having paid taxes all your life for that care.
  7. Deleted SKU

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    But the first question is whether or not marking them in this way will prevent people, who do need to take such medicine, will be discouraged from it. It's a particular concern when it comes to mental health, later in life care and people with disabilities, where people who may already feel a burden to society or those around them see the cost, think to themselves that they are only burdening others in another way by getting this medicine, and therefore going untreated (which ultimately could end up costing the country far more, as well as doing harm to many people). There's no indication that any research has been done in this regard, or any action taken to mitigate this, which leads people to believe that this is another example of the current incumbent government making lives more difficult for the weak and vulnerable based on ideology.
  8. JmpMster

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    Since every body in UK pay taxes- including minimum wage workers and all income levels (very different than the US system) and everybody in UK pays that crazy VAT on everything purchased I do not see it is saying anything but that you paid for it yourself. You all pay the taxes/ are taxpayers. I guess multi-million dollar studies to decide what people may think according to a few people in a statistics and social economics policy group are just another reason I am against huge governments- as they never cease to find a way to waste money. I could equally point out since said study and research has not been done you are equally guessing it will shame people into not wanting to take medicine and cause the dire effects you are predicting. Everybody with any common sense at all knows is costing money anyway. The only real question I would have is is it worth the cost of the label to tell people just how much.
  9. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    Good job uk, good job. Essentially you're making people feel guilty for using the NHS? And fueling the discrimination process where angry people will use this to target people once again.

    Anyone want to bet it's their entire structural system that is at fault, rather than the people who use it? I'm sure people there is that £300million pain on wasted medicines. Not too sure how that happens... when I used the NHS I got my prescriptions from my GP, which should be a perfect harmony. You supply the needed medical service, and the patient makes the choice to take it. Is he saying £300million pounds is lost because people don't complete the entire run of medication, and as a result the situation returns which costs the NHS more money?

    Anyhow.. good job. I swear this is just camouflage to change peoples mindsets about the structure of the NHS, and add pressure on people who use the benefits system. I mean, this really couldn't be the problem of the people incharge of the finances. Or the people who maintain the upkeep, and find the contracts at "affordable" prices. Or the funding for the system from the government. Or the communication between whomever monitors National Growth figures so they could deal with massive population influxes.

    Nope. It's all you free loaders fault for not remembering that medical services are not free. Despite the fact that on your pay slips a portion of your wages goes towards the NHS. But hey! It's the Freeloaders that need to change! Not the people whose JOBS it is to maintain and develop the NHS....

    fuckin poor people, god why don't you just die already so we can live in Utopia
  10. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I have a radical idea, how about sacking all the useless managers that have sprung up in every hospital.
    That would save at least 30 thou a year for each manager, who btw have never worked in the medical profession and have about the same clue a cocker spaniel would have.
    I once got in the lift with one of these "expert" managers, whilst carrying a box of cardiac electrodes.
    Mr Moron immediately asked me how much each electrode cost, I replied about 15 pence each, to which the idiot asked me why we didn't cut them in half! :mad:
    Employ managers from health care workers MORONS!
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