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Jess if you see this PLEASE let me know your safe, or if anyone has contact with her can they let me know shes safe. Im really worried and just want her to be safe.

Jess if you read this remember this message:

I said i wouldn't give up on you and i mean it. I will NEVER give up on you no matter what. I didn't leave for you, your email made me think twice, now PLEASE don't leave me. I don't want the letter if it means your not safe. I want you to be safe not have a letter and no you! please please please please!! STAY SAFE!

Im so bloody worried, please let me know your ok
I was talking to her in the early hours of this morning and i had her in a PM before she went out of chat and i didn't like they way she was :sad: she was scarying me pretty bad now im just really really really worried :sad:
Okay, so I finally saw this.

Thank you vikki and mal for caring so much :( I have to wrap my head around the fact that when people worry it means they care. If people didn't care.. why would they worry? Right. I'm trying to work on that.

I'm sorry I did worry you though. You know I don't like doing that to ANYONE. I suppose the only way to prevent that is to stop doing the stupid things I do that make y'all worry. Again. I'm trying :(

I guess lastly I just want to say that I care about you guys too. Everyone, you know who you are, or should. You all are what keeps me here. :( I just hope that I can stay strong and hold onto that and not let you guys down. and show you the pathetic loser I really am.
I'll never think you're a pathetic loser hun, mainly cos you're not. And by feeling bad you're not letting anyone down. It's ok to feel the way you are right now, it doesn't make you bad or worthless or anything like that. Trust me on this.

And quit appologising, or I'll ban the word sorry from your vocabulary :wink: :hug:
if you could you probably should ban that from my vocab. I can't stop saying it because I can't stop feeling it.

I can't help that I'm sorry. It's part of who I am. I'm the kind of person that messes most everything up, and well knows it. I apologize.

I apologize because she never could. Never will. She ruined everything that could have been solved by simply being sorry. Admitting she was in the wrong.

Maybe I admit it to much, but too much rather than too little I think is best
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