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This Isnt A Crisis I Know Sorry
Yesterday I Felt Really Depressed. I Wantd 2 Cut Myself An Now Today (i Stopped Taking My Swroquel Last Night) I Feel So Energetic. Im Happy An My Thoughts Are Racinbg Through My Mind. Its Neaely 3am And I Cant Stop Moving. I Want To Dance Forever.
What Is Goin On? Hahaha =/ Heeeeeeeeeelp


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Hi Ruby,

Sorry for the late reply to your post.. how are you doing now?

I'm not sure what is going on.. you say that you've stopped taking your medication.. i wonder if that is having an effect on you? Does your doctor know that you've stopped taking the medication? If not I would definitely consult him on this too..

Your doctor may advise you lower the dosage over a number of weeks instead of stopping the medication all together, for example..

I hope you're doing ok and the happy feelings continue :)

Jenny x
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