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Jim’s cafe Monday March 5th 2018

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A song on my mind this morning. Some old CCR.
@texaskitty I was unavailable most of weekend, so just saw this! Thank you! So much fun to hear old songs I know and love!

@shania - love the picture of the fox!

@BlueTyger - is that beautiful dog yours? Gorgeous furry friend!

Some snow here, but not a lot. I actually went to the city zoo on Saturday and it was nice outside. Always glad that zoos help with conservation, and always torn up when I see wild animals in pens. Our zoo's pens are large and quite open - animals can be inside or outside - depending on the weather and their natural needs. Saw cloud leopards, gorillas, snakes, tigers, giraffes, pandas, polar bears, arctic fox, arctic wolves, meerkats, and lemurs.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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aww, thank you for the mention, @texaskitty

i was quite full today. but also good news came along with it, so i'm currently happy x)

today's photo ch (5th march) is about "something beginning with i"
-> iguana (dunno why, just iguana xD)

iguana.jpg iguana1.jpg axolotl1.jpg axolotl.jpg
(also axolotl. maybe ixolotl. don't ask axolotl questions x))

well, i hope everyone had a good monday. and let's go tuesday until weekend with a happy mood ~


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This fox picture is absolutely stunning. I keep coming back to take a look. I'm no expert in photography but this has really caught my eye. Well done to the photographer and to you Shania for spotting it (unless of course you are the photographer??).
Thank you @Karmitkurmit! I did a little digging, and best I can tell the photographer of the fox picture is Alicja Zmystowska and she titled it Feeling the Winter. Here is a link to that picture:


And here is the link to her entire Flickr account if you're interested in seeing more of her work:


Enjoy :)

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