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Jim’s cafe Thursday December 24


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thank you @Sassy the Wonderful Cat for opening this special christmas cafe and inviting me.

our family from the time i was a kid back in the days of dinosaurs until now hasn't changed. we get the whole family together to exchange gifts. we usually put out food and drinks. now that my wife and i are alone we exchange gifts after the rest of the family leaves. and we always have a good ham dinner on christmas day.

more important than any gift we can give or receive is the wonderful love and care we get from having the whole family together. after all for us that is what christmas is all about, the gifts are secondary...mike


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Thanks Sassy! :) for us, Christmas Eve was always a big deal to, given that one half of my family (my Dad's side) always opened all of their presnets on Christmas Eve. And since they were the Irish side, and from California (the other from Florida), and the ones in which we saw on a more regular, or steady & constant basis throughout the Summer - we didnt' see either set during the school year / winter, that's always a special time for me. That said, it's more like two Christmas's in a sense, because I consider, or hold Christmas as the main, or primary Holiday. :D


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Thank you for tag and opening cafe @Sassy the Wonderful Cat. My children went to their father for years since his family was more stable. Since my mother passed, and they're grown I just have less stress, so now my niece who's like a daughter is coming Christmas eve to stay over.

My daughters father is coming for dinner christmas day (my youngest child). I have everything ready at noon and let people just eat when they want.

I'll ask my niece and daughter when they want their presents. My sons will stop by Christmas eve, because it will be uncomfortable with my daughters father. So that's it. I hope you all have a peaceful day whether it's with others or by yourself. 984987440-cc6d45d30cec03b5df7453c7bf47171d_Merry_Christmas_Eve112007012030.gif

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