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Jim's Café - Tuesday 30th June 2020


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Welcome everyone! The doors are open! We've got fresh tea, coffee and juice. A selection of tasty treats are waiting at the breakfast bar for your consumption. Mmmmm...



As I've been cooking all day, I'm off to sleep but I'll leave all you lovely folk to sit down, relax and enjoy your Tuesday :)

I've not opened the Café in forever so I'll leave you all to do some tagging and maybe discuss some good events from this year or something that you're grateful for. It doesn't have to be anything big either. I discovered that one of the trees in my front yard was infact a lemon tree and it made my week! :D


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A potential move to Scotland, with some genuinely decent people. And somebody helping me to get there.

Thanks for the tag @Kira Have a lovely Tuesday!! *hug
Great 👍 Sc-O-ttt..;)!!!~*^•_>\|/-(; “from the grave; w/love! Unless I’m still alive - then please omitC that first hit! My apologies seonary-or james ! If you’d like...

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