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Jim's Cafe Friday 18th May

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Calm and chilled out you say @Ash600 ??
That I can handle my friend! :rolleyes: :p

My back's been pretty sore the last few days so I just had a nice long soak in the bath. Ahhhh... bliss :rolleyes:


Just make sure there aren't too many bubbles :o

One for our 4 legged friends.
Now that's one pampered pooch!!

I just couldn't resist this one...

It's getting on to 7:30pm here so I'm settled in for the evening. I'll probably just watch the footy or find something else to occupy my time.

That's my crazy Friday night for you!! Party animal :cool:
Come along everyone and relax in the Café :)
@na-taya @dtc @gypsylee @Deety @dugga @SA76 @Arun @gazjustgaz @Woowoo @Winter Blues @Sunday16 @DrownedFishOnFire @nobodyknows71 @sassy123 @Freya @Anne Charlotte @Innocent Forever @crumbum @Kiwi2016 @texaskitty @Acy @may71 @baywasp @MagickLynx @Kalicka @Charlieb10088 @charley spring @shania @Dawn @Lulabelle @Witty_Sarcasm @walker95 @HumanExMachina @Ineluki @Karmitkurmit @Somebody Else @Eves @StillSurviving @Brian777 @SillyOldBear @Shadowlands @Winslow @Jonathan R. @Stijn @A guy with feelings @Becky2468 <<<< you're back!!!
Please tag all the other people that I've forgotten too!
Welcome to @Demoninside @Maggoo @DeeG :)


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I could use some chill. Its like I wake up and for a minute I forget my back is broken and there wont be pain getting up. Then here comes reality. Reality stinks.

Just some beautiful places I'd like to be, with a fancy drink with an umbrella and a good book. Have a great day everyone!


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Ahhh yeah @Ash600 my main man...liking the laid back Jack attitude today in the cool cafe!

I'm so laid back right now I'm practically horizontal...and gettin paid for it...in fact I'm so chilled out I'm not sure I can even be bothered to finish this sen.................

View attachment 10390 View attachment 10391 View attachment 10392 View attachment 10393 View attachment 10394 View attachment 10395 View attachment 10396
Seriously, those pics are SO damn funny! I can't look at them anymore otherwise I'll end up having a laugh-enduced coughing fit :o It's a real thing ;) ox


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