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Jim's Cafe Monday 15th April 2019

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So it's Monday morning which can be kind of a drag for some.

So our challenge for today is to do something nice for someone else. Be that person that puts a smile on someone's face. Pay someone a compliment, give them an extra hug, phone that person you've been putting off forever... and then come back here and tell us about it if you want.

I'm going to call in and have a coffee with my mother. I normally avoid her as much as possible but I know it will make her day if I call round.


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Hi Sunspots wow awesome breakfast thanks.
I'm not sure who else to tag else I would help. Monday nearly 11pm here very little time for a good deed. Tomorrow I'll be home on my own all day, really going to have to put my thinking cap on to work out something feasible. Will pop on tomorrow and let you know.


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Monday Monday Monday! I was almost late for work and I thought I started at 2pm and not 1pm!!!

I am not sure if I made people smile today I guess I do at work, everyone always asks were my name comes from and I don't know..... I tend to make people smile coz I laugh a lot......... I don't know to be honest I didn't pay attention! Altho I always smile at people and makes them smile as well. I will try complement a stranger tomorrow!!

Hope everyone else Monday goes well I'll be jumping into bed soon I think with a book....been wet and rainy here I am so not ready for this weather altho I never am haha.

Hope Monday treats ya kindly *hug


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Hi Sunspots and everyone else! Hope you're having a good Monday *grouphug

Today is the only day I won't see people. Maybe I should text a friend to thank them for being there for me. :)

There's a few other close people I haven't replied to or contacted since May, but it's not gonna happen today... :(


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Thanks for opening and the tag and the theme/challenge @Sunspots. And thanks @Sunspots & @Innocent Forever for all the great food and coffee of course! I too try to do nice things for others every day but will be more aware today and as I have to call my father later I will make an effort to be more in the moment as I talk with him.

Wishing all a great Monday and the start of a new week of possibilities....

1555338695302.png ...and it helps to do so with coffee of course.... 1555338788795.png

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