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Jim's Cafe Monday 15th July

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Come join us for some cake and coffee (or tea for you Brits ;))
@Freya - I really, really miss you on the other side of the world.
@Walker - I'm missing you too, Mr. "Fantastical"
@Nick - thank you so much for reaching out at just the right time.
@Innocent Forever - I miss you and your wonderful blue glitter.
@JmpMster - I've been missing you forever.
@DrownedFishOnFire - I miss seeing you swimming around but I know that you're getting things done.
@Auri - thank you for your lovely words to me in the Tavern - it meant a lot.
@Sunday16 - I love reading your encouraging posts. You always focus on the small, simple and beautiful things in life. I love that!
@Angie - I hope you can see how much light you bring to SF even when you're struggling in the dark yourself.
@Lotus - Strength, determination and courage to be strong, as well as weak, when you need to be. You have an admirable balance.
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