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Jims cafe November 20

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What I used to be, a broken mirror is my reality
Morning to you all, im moving slow this morning looks like its gonna take a lot of coffee to get me going! As for song for me it is anything by "chris cornell" and if i could change something about my life, well the list is entirely to long but probably that i would want to be more trusting person toward others. Hope everyone has a great day!!:)


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Good morning everyone and thanks for the tag @baywasp

Gosh, there are so many songs I like, it's difficult to pick just 2. But, I will pick these 2:

@Ash600 @gypsylee @Witty_Sarcasm @extraterrestrialone @Walker @nobodyknows71 @Lulabelle @Lightsout @merlin123 @Shorty92
Thanks Woo.. Nice choice of RHCP. That’s my daughter’s favourite :)

I have to narrow it down, there’s a thread 50+ pages long with a “couple of songs I really like”. So I’ll stick with RHCP. Even that’s hard..



Assembled words vs disjointed thought
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If there is something you would want to change about yourself or life what would it be?
well that would be everything.
cant help thinking that we are talking about this from the point of view of “if i could do it all over again”
that must be why i’ve chosen who knows where the time goes and two versions of it - a case of changing and doing over.
but if i were to change something about me, i’d change everything. i really would. you know, even if i had loved this life all along why do the same stuff twice?????
then, on the other hand this life has been less than wonderful and that must be why its been so dissociated, and fairytale (not of the happily ever after variety). but i do have loves and i know that even having changed everything there would still be ups and downs but the loves there too. right now i know. changed, i know it too.
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