Jim's Cafe - Officially Friday!!11-01-19!!

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I think maybe this sticks with the broad theme for the day.
You guys have a great Friday, whether you work tomorrow or not.
What will you do today to make today better than yesterday? I plan to make sure I do all the doofy self care things - take meds, eat and go to the gym.

Wow haven’t heard that in a very long time!!

Happy Friday everyone. Today I’m in self care/pamper mode. I’m off for waxing, plucking and threading getting nails done and then I’m colouring my hair so that take care of the challenge for today.

This song is cheesy but for some reason I love it. Have a good day guys


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Thanks @Yellowmellow & @Innocent Forever for the tags. I actually just stopped by because I didn't get alerted.
Theme is today I’m doing it!
Whatever it is, all you need to do is take th
So what am I doing today, after yesterday, all I can do is try to stay calm. Fortunately, my work today involves some low pressure kind of work I'm comfortable with and allows me to think how I would like to reply to the messages of support and what else, and run-on sentences. Thanks!!!🤔
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