Jim's cafe- Saturday 17th March

Discussion in 'Jim's Cafe' started by Woowoo, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Woowoo

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    I thought I'd open up and wish you all Happy St Patrick's Day images.png
  2. Ash600

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  3. Woowoo

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  4. Woowoo

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    Oh no we've done it again @Ash600. Great minds both opening the cafe at the same time
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  5. Woowoo

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    I've asked @Freya if it's possible to merge the threads. She was shown as being online a couple of minutes ago but has gone I think.
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  6. Woowoo

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  7. Winter Blues

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  8. bobbob

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    Happy St Patrick's day to Bubble, Daithi, Petal and all SF Irish peeps across the Welsh Sea from me.
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  9. texaskitty

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  10. Woowoo

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    Not sure I fancy green pancakes but as it's St Patrick's Day and they've got cream on the top (well I think it's cream but maybe meringue) I'll give them a try. Thanks @texaskitty :)
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  11. Alwayswrong

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    Thank you for inviting me, @Woowoo! Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks. Here in Argentina today 'we're all Irish'.
    I love this!
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  12. Rockclimbinggirl

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    Urm I am not sure if I want green pancakes

    @Woowoo those treats look yummy
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  13. Alwayswrong

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    Where are my pets of the day???
  14. Ash600

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  15. Alwayswrong

    Alwayswrong Well-Known Member

    I'm going to copy some of these brochettes. They look delicious!!!
  16. Mercedesgirl

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    Thanks for the invite @texaskitty , I don't know how to do pics on here but I love looking at all the ones posted, thanks
  17. Acy

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    Thanks for the invite, @texaskitty I've brought shredded zucchini fritters to keep with the color of the day. :)

  18. Petal

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    Happy St. Patricks day from Ireland or as we all it... Paddy's day :)
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  19. Woowoo

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    I like the look of the Irish cocktails @Ash600 I think I'll have to try one of those later :)
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