Jim's Cafe Saturday 24th February

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I didn't have the keys, but don't worry @JacsMom no doors were harmed in getting the place opened.....I came through the roof instead and so there is now no roof. So today things are gonna be al fresco so today it's going to be a garden cafe.

Come along and say hi @sassy123 @Zonkers @Kira @Freya @Anne Charlotte @Shannew @BumbleBee @charley spring @Charlieb10088 @Innocent Forever @Lulabelle @PhoenixLady @Zambee123 @bubblebear @rabitt3434 @Daíthí @Karmitkurmit and bring others along, the more the merrier.:)

and sit back and enjoy the surroundings



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Wow Ash that is incredible, I do wish I was someplace like that! So along with dining out doors, perhaps we might peruse some artwork.

An outdoor sculpture by August Rodin called the Burghers of Calais

Of course the well known Starry Night. The painter was mentally ill and spent much of his short life in mental institutions. A great number of his paintings are from institution gardens.

and a personal favorite by Caravaggio, the Conversion of Saint Paul on the Damascus Road
Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite art works, I always enjoy the Cafe and have since Jim started faithfully opening it every day, mercy I miss that man!


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What a great place to chill out! I'll bring some books, stay all day long, and forget about the world.
I'll bring some tea! Would anyone like some tea? What a lovely place
YES! Tea, books, al fresco seating, it looks to be a perfect 72 degrees and partly sunny in the cafe, what a gorgeous day!
I think I'll just stay here for the rest of my life if ya'll don't mind.



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*Sigh* lol I give! Fifty, um how about if you just get a set of keys to the Cafe? Would that not be easier than kicking in doors and ripping off roofs? :p But then, again knowing you, you probably enjoy the challenge of getting in. (sounds like a movie idea...hmmmm) I love the dolphins! I'll definitely enjoy being in the Cafe today. @Ash600 I do believe we should have some cake to celebrate @sassy123 's birthday today. Come one, come all.... @Harmony2 @jinsan @BumbleBee @Freya @Karmitkurmit @walkerbait95 @Daíthí @PhoenixLady @Antmell @Charlieb10088
Thanks to all for such a lovely cafe.....al fresco, art, drinks...what a wonderful way to start my morning.....and happy b-day @sassy123 and all Piesceans here...

upload_2018-2-24_6-40-46.jpeg upload_2018-2-24_6-41-22.jpeg upload_2018-2-24_6-41-46.jpeg

tagging @Angel368 @charley spring @Karmitkurmit @missblack @dugga @Dawn @walkerbait95 @nobodyknows71 @sassy123 @A guy with feelings @Deety @Dawn @drinty @Fudgewobble @Brian777 @Leav @Kira @JacsMom @Petal @Aj q8 @SillyOldBear @Winter Blues @alice202 @Jazlyn and one and all to come join the party....withing you a wonderful Saturday....:)
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