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Jim's Cafe - Saturday - July 4 2020

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Hello SF folks! I hope you are having a good day wherever in the world you are.

Here are some fancy coffee drinks for your day:

What are your plans for today, its Saturday morning here in the US and a holiday. I have no fun plans except I am awaiting a couple shipments of yarn (woot for retail therapy!). I need to do some housework and work on a couple crochet projects. I am also reading a book by Jennie Allen called "Get Out of Your Head". Its a Christian oriented help book on combating those negative thoughts.


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Good morning! I'm having my coffee and browsing SF. I don't have any plans for the day. I have some cards to finish and a few more to make, so I'll probably work on that. Calypso is as fond of noise of fireworks as I am, we'll have another evening of that tonight. I'm looking for a good distraction.


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A fine, nice and quiet evening and night. I am a pup here compared age wise with most who live here. Most are in the 70s if not older or much older and like their peace, quiet and sleep. No fireworks, with the dry, the winds and all an excellent idea and I agree about that smell of fireworks. Sometimes a resident will put on a show but it is normally quick, fun to watch from the porch or patio and over before 10:30 or so, got to be considerate of those wanting snoozin' time and having good neighbors means you need to be a good neighbor and not put other folks out.


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Tysm for the tag @Angie & for opening the cafe today! :)
The day is almost over here but had nothing planned. Went out earlier to get some things but that was it. Kinda recovering from some things from yesterday anyway (psychologically mostly) much better today though I'm glad to say.

Anyway found these cool pix so just thought I'd share them here, hope everyone has a nice day :)

;) :)
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