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Jim's Cafe Sunday 2nd August 2020

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Welcome to the cafe everyone. I came in through the back, cleaned up a little, and put together some nice music for a lazy Sunday at Jim's Cafe.

I have one question. If you had a genie, what would be your three wishes? There are three rules. The first rule is the "Love and Hate Rule". You can't wish for someone to marry or fall in love with you or anyone else. You also can't wish for someone to break up, divorce, or fall out of love with anyone. You also can't wish harm to anyone. The second rule is the "Life and Death Rule". You can't bring someone to life, and you can't wish for anyone to live forever. The final rule is the "More Wishes Rule". You can't wish for more lamps, genies, or wishes. And you can't wish for a magic document where everything you write comes true. However you can spend a rule on giving another person three wishes. So ultimately you can end up with nine rules (three people, three wishes each). Hopefully you can get others to agree on what the wishes should be. A person can only be given three wishes once. So if you give a friend three wishes, one of their wishes can't be to give you three wishes.

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Gosh darn it!!! I knew I shouldn't have told you about the roll safe "wishing for more lamps" meme, JDot. *hysterical That would have been my loophole!!!! Thanks for the tag, @JDot .

I'd wish for perfect emotional, physical, and mental health. I guess that's three wishes already???? *rofl

If that counts as one wish, then another wish would be to have a full moon every night.

My third wish would be for Christian Pulisic to stop picking up so many damn injuries!!! :(


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Cool ty for opening the cafe @JDot :) Fun theme too, hard w/ the limits a bit (would definitely be wishing for me & some other people/beings to either live forever or be brought back to life) but I think I still have some good ones, which are:

1. For world peace in every way (as in, between countries, cities, socially between people and psychologically for each person)

2. For 50 million dollars (only care about having 1-2 mill myself, the rest I'd give to some other people or just use to get other people things it would be a lot of fun)

3. To be able to go to California with my friend, mom, sis (and I guess her husband if he even wanted to come which I somehow think he wouldn't lol) as soon as the "situation" is no longer a worry (if I had more wishes then my next wish would absolutely be for that to end & for there to never be another thing like it in the world, ever again)


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The first wish is selfish and physical for me. I with I had a big, giant and humongous, dic...No, it would be heart, I would wish to be more empathic instead of just intellectually knowing that is how I should be in the first place.

Second wish. Common sense was actually common in real life so that people did not react like assholes over stupid shit. Example, two parties end up in a fender bender and nobody killed or seriously injured just be grateful that everybody is OK and just work things from that point.

Third wish. Would be for my nephew who will be 20 in October to get that wish since so much with different generations is simply the differences between my time here and his. Hopefully he will choose wisely.


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Thanks for the tag @JMG

My first wish would be not having to pay for anything ever again.
My second wish would be not having to fulfill any bodily functions anymore, like sleeping, excreting, showering etc, but being able to eat whenever I want to.
My third wish is three wishes for my best friend (so she can pick what she wants, not to try and get her to wish for what I want).


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Three wishes? Tricky. I'm hesitant to use one to change the entirety of humanity. Making everyone more peaceful and loving sounds good but you never know the consequences of such things. Most inventions happen in wartime, after all. What if, by making humans nicer, we end up causing a global catastrophe (or just let aliens invade - you never know). So I think I'll go for smaller changes.

1-I have a friend that's going through some serious financial difficulties right now. I'd wish for them to have enough money to be more than comfortable - so they'd never have to work again and could finally get a chance to enjoy life with fewer worries.

2-That all those on here (and everywhere) that are having a tough time with their mental health can be healed so that they can finally know the joy that they deserve.

3-That I finally get to be the person that I think I should be.

Thanks for the tag :)


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I am cooking this morning about 5 or 6 am, putting peppers and onions with bratwurst in the slow cooker with bourbon.

I don't know about 3 wishes. My life is very good right now, I have a can of hot garlic dill pickles my sister made. I have a well stocked bar right now, a good job, mentally I am doing fine and physically couldn't be better. I lost a lot of weight in the past year and feel really good about myself.

So 3 wishes;
1) I wish for all illegal drugs to disappear and never come back.
2) I wish for all people to have a home to live in.
3) I wish for black people not to be afraid of the police.
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