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Jim's Cafe - Tuesday 20th February

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The Storm King
I am going to practice some gratitude today

1) I am grateful that we didn't get too much snow last night so I can still get around town.
2) I am grateful for having the roof over my head and my independence.
3) I am grateful for the food in my cupboard.
@stargazer Thank you for chatting with me today. It helped me figure some things out that have bothered me for a long time.


The Storm King
Well, maybe the thought of an early St. Patrick's day will help warm you up, Endless!

How about a nice cake with a warm sentiment on it to cheer us all up? I have one right here and........ :confused:



I know the world turns and it will turn on me
We're having practice outside today! I'm probably going to get muddy though, and I didn't bring shower supplies for the campus locker room, so I just probably have to go to my evening class like that. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

posted this in the wrong thread i think
Not open for further replies.

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