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Jim's Cafe - Tuesday 6th March

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Thanks for the invite! It's night time here. Bedtime. But my housemates are blaring Korean songs and talking very loudly. So I guess bedtime will have to wait.
Happy Tuesday one and all....

What is 1 thing that you are grateful for? I am grateful for SF as this is my lifeline...

What is a trait of yours that you like although it might not be the best? That I can see all sides of a situation/issue but often holds me back from being decisive...as worry will make wrong decision...

What is your reason to live for today? For my husband as the last few years with my ex-job have taken its toll on him as well.

Thought could use some hints of spring especially for those who are in the midst of winter....
tagging @Angel368 @charley spring @Jazlyn @Petal @walkerbait95 @Karmitkurmit @A guy with feelings @Dawn @lullabelle @Anne Charlotte @nobodyknows71 @Brian777 @Lara_C @bubblebear @Sunday16 @sassy123 @Shannew @dugga @JD4010 @Aj q8 and one and all to join us....


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One day, I had to pop into a meeting with really high-end lawyers to retrieve my low-end lawyer boss's cell phone. I tripped over an electrical cord and nearly landed on my rear end. I laughed and said, "I guess my career with the New York City Ballet is over." None of them laughed. They just stared. I left as gracefully as I could. (I guess I wasn't even supposed to dare to talk to the ones who cost over $500/hour!) I'm still laughing about it though. :D
Knowing lawyers, the reason they didn't laugh is because they were thinking, "Oh shit! Is she going to sue now because her career with the New York City Ballet is over?"


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i'm very grateful for the invite @Innocent Forever , the people here, and my sleepiness right now x) (yea, i used to have insomnia back in the days)

today's photo ch (6th march) is "chair" *yawn ~
^my bro has a chair like this in his room. it's the best chair i know of ~

have a happy tuesday, everyone. zzz..

Innocent Forever

Go as long as you can. And then take another step.
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My reason to live today... and always? My pets and all the animals (which I consider they are all mine but live in different places ;)!
So if I want to visit the zoo I should call you up first as the animals are really all yours?

But it’s still Monday and snowing maybe I will get another snow day. Hugs
Hope you do!!!

I am VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY grateful for indoor plumbing.
What's the 'why' of this?

Hey y'all, inno I didn't know you were a time traveler o_O also thanks for the tag @Innocent Forever :p
It was Tuesday by me :)

Still Monday night here. I think my reason to live is my daughter who is almost 30 years old. The next reason is the cats. Except for today (being anxious) I am grateful to be alive. A couple of months ago I couldn't say that.
I love this..... Thanks for sharing.

I cannot find appropriate answers to any of those questions at the moment. Still wanted to drop by and pop out of my hidden corner, if only for a brief minute.
Y'can create a blanket fort here

@Innocent Forever - thanks for including me! *hug* I hope you got some sleep!

Umm, best trait? I love to laugh and find lots of things funny. My worst trait? I love to laugh and find lots of things funny.

Laughing at yourself, at your own missteps is usually considered a good thing. I used to work at a law firm (as a lowly clerical slave). One day, I had to pop into a meeting with really high-end lawyers to retrieve my low-end lawyer boss's cell phone. I tripped over an electrical cord and nearly landed on my rear end. I laughed and said, "I guess my career with the New York City Ballet is over." None of them laughed. They just stared. I left as gracefully as I could. (I guess I wasn't even supposed to dare to talk to the ones who cost over $500/hour!) I'm still laughing about it though. :D

So, yeah, maybe one reason I'm living is to laugh at least one more time... :)
I love that story!!
Sleep? What's that???

It's still Monday here, oh well at least that's almost over. :p I am grateful for this site and the great people on it. The trait i like best is my sense of humor, and one thing I live for is to see what is in store for me. Hope you are all doing well, and have a great day!
And today is a new day

Hi everyone .... happy Tuesday. I too am grateful for everyone on SF and also my dogs (awesome dog pics @RCee ). My best trait is listening and my reason to still be here are my kids !
oh a thinker this morning!
umm my best trait is my ability to think and reason, although thats not what it used to be
my reason to live - don't have one, but I think God doesn't want me to give up yet
and since its still dark o clock here in Texas, some coffee to wake me (and you if you like) up!

have a good day SF and remember things can always get better!
Never give up...

Hi everyone. I hope you're all having a good Tuesday. Thanks for the tag @Innocent Forever

Things that I'm grateful for: that I found sf when I did, that I got the all clear at the hospital yesterday and, above all else, my wonderful niece and nephew who are my world.

A trait that I like about myself: I am kind and caring. However, this is combined with being trusting and sensitive so can result in people taking advantage and me being hurt.

Thing to live for today: to get one step closer to the weekend when hopefully I might see my niece and nephew.

I've been feeling very down the past few days so thanks for the challenge today @Innocent Forever It forced me to think of the positives.

Here are some thoughts, which I'm trying to convince myself are true
Happy Tuesday!

Thanks for the invite! I'm struggling today so these questions might be a little tricky but I'll give them a go ^_^

What is 1 thing that you are grateful for? - I am grateful for everyone here at SF. I love having a place I can write about how I feel without feeling judged and knowing there are people who know what it's like to care and support me <3 Thank you everyone!

What is a trait of yours that you like although it might not be the best? - I'm not sure this is actually a trait but I've always loved my ability to see the beauty in everything. Well...everything apart from myself and the things I do...

What is your reason to live for today? - Now, this one I'm struggling with today...I guess to find out what's in my next mystery subscription box...should be here next week...can't wait!

I think I need some blanket snuggles today...and a yummy hot chocolate <3

I love that trait :) Yeah it is a trait. You have a mystery subscription box???? Sounds really cool.... let us know what you get...

Innocent Forever

Go as long as you can. And then take another step.
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thanks for the wake-up call @Winter Blues
i know i'm late, and i uh really don't have much to say, but i'm happy to try n' start my day with lots of pleasant vibes, and taking a break from other things is really super neat.
so yeah i hope your all having a stellar morning, and that the rest of your day is just as good.

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You can never be late. Wherever you are, whatever time, it's on time.


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Hi, thanks for inviting me! My best trait might be that I am able to forgive everything..
I started making a mind map of all the good things that make me 'me', and this is the thing that I found most important. The map isn't very big, but it helps me find and accept who I am.

Reason to stay alive today is for my dog, for warm summer nights and for hiking in the mountains till my feet hurt and my mind is empty.

Take care everyone,


I know the world turns and it will turn on me
I'm grateful for my friends. A reason to live is that I only have a semester and a half left of school until I graduate. A trait of mine I like that may not be the best is that I can be dedicated to possibly an excessive extent.
Just a funny note on something unusual I saw today:
So Pittsburgh buses basically look like this

The one I'm talking about is a newer design but I couldn't find a good picture of one of those. Well anyway, if you see where it says "003" on the front, on the new design of buses, it is a digital sign with 4 digits. I've never been able to figure out the meanings of the numbers displayed there, but the bus I rode today didn't have numbers there at all. It said "FISH" instead. Someone asked the driver why, and he said that he hadn't put it there. So it's the mystery of the FISH bus. Wish I could've gotten a picture because it was so strange.


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Sending a high-five at@Innocent Forever. I noticed your slogan is "Go as long as you can. And then take another step." Along those lines, I recently found another one similar> "Success is one step beyond failure."
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