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    Another late one, huh? I don't have too much time because I just got back from practice and we have a meeting tonight, but I'll make some sandwiches. Whatever kind you want.

    Today's been pretty great. I skipped class and went to practice. Not to go to practice, but for other reasons. Correlation, not causation. I finally felt good enough to get back in the swing of things somewhat. There was one drill that I was scared to do because I didn't know the required fundamentals, but I joined in the second one, which was mostly just an offense-on-defense type of drill. I ran the ball a couple of times, made some good passes, almost scored a try before going out of bounds, and even tackled a guy (albeit after being shown exactly how to do it, with him reminding me to get down low, and I believe he also stopped running for me to do it. Not the greatest tackle ever, but my first.) People even complimented one of my passes. My leg started hurting again when I was running, though. but it wasn't all bad. I got out of the relay races lol.

    I also got to see my counselor really quickly because she had my textbooks I'd rented from the internet. She also gave me a CVS gift card someone from Student Life got for me. Everyone's been so great, and I don't know what I did to deserve all this love and care. It's really nice, though.
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    Geez, the Cafe sure is quiet today :p I didn't do much, just went to the library. My days will be more productive after I get the job.
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    I had a fairly productive day. I decided rather than talking about cleaning my place, I'd just do it, so that's what I did. Hadn't given it a good cleaning since July (I was gone for a month, too), so I have to admit it feels really good to have it cleaned up and back into shape.

    Tomorrow afternoon I meet with my new therapist for the 2nd time. Trying to mentally prep myself for that one cuz it's gonna be a doozy of an appt after she hears what I'll be contending with in Oct.

    Anyways, a friend came over this evening to get a little Star (my dog) therapy, and basically just to bitch to me about what they're experiencing. Can't say I was really up for that right now which is probably why I'm just referring to it as 'bitch'ing.

    Well, that's my day in a nutshell. Hope ya'll have a good Wed.
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    Am so amped up after being scared at work by a childish behavior saying boo as as soon I opened the bathroom door that I reacted aggressively and chest hurt for a bit now its the jaws. Heart rate is kinda ok now. Hoping to go home n be knocked out on all pills I got to take at nights to help me sleep.
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    Chest pain and jaw pain? You should get that checked out , hon
  6. DrownedFishOnFire

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    I was going to however was understaffed so kind of was talked out of going home early it took a couple of hours to subside and all was ok rest of the night besides the headache.

    To those wondering I was yelling at the top of my lungs (an aggression reaction from me) followed by barking orders at people.