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Jim's cafe Wednesday 26th August 2020

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Hi everyone. Happy hump-day. How is your day going for you, what are the positives in your day today? C'mon, we have some, let's show some gratitude for the little things in life...Let's try 3 things...think hard if you have to.

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For me....

1. I am grateful for the weather, its blissful outside.

2. I'm thankful for the peeps here who have helped me throughout the year.

3. I'm grate I live in a place with free health care.



What do you get from coming to SF in a positive way? I get comfort, mental and emotional release and safety, when I'm in a stable state of mind.

For me...I realise there's some amazing people here who will listen no matter what and will not judge you and respect how you feel however trying it is. Share your reasons, I'd love to hear them.


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Hey, thanks for tagging me @Champagne.

As for things I'm grateful for; the first that always comes to mind us the part of the world I was born into and have spent all my life nearby. There are places in the world as beautiful as the California coast, but I'm not sure there's anywhere more beautiful. I've always felt a strong connection to this place, and it will always be home.

On top of that, I'm grateful for my family. My parents and my sisters. I've been through some heavy shit in my life, had people do some fucked up things to me. But never my immediate family. The worst they've ever done is not know how to be there for me. I've talked to people who've dealt with similar shit to what I have, but from their parents and siblings, and I can't help thinking how fucked it would be to have basically my life, but without that safe space to retreat to when things got really bad.

And SF gives me something I really need, something I used to get from my wife and our little friend group; a place where it's okay to just not be okay. I gave up on fantasies that other people were gonna be able to fix my issues a long time ago. That kind of thinking led to some of the most unhealthy relationships with others that you could imagine. But having a space where you can just be open about that shit and have it be okay because everyone else is open about their own shit, that's something I've grown to depend on and I don't think I could ever go back to trying to hide it 24/7.


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Thank you for tagging me. ♡ I like that theme a lot. I think in our worst moments we do focus on the bad rather than the good things we have... but it is so liberating to do the opposite. I’m trying very hard to do so all the time. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I’m overwhelmed, or in pain again... But remembering what I do have helps tremendously, even if not instantly.

I’m grateful for too many things to list here. :p Perhaps as many as negative things I could list (but won’t). Ultimately, grateful to get a chance at life, as imperfect as it is. The odds of me existing were not in my favour (I mean, before being born), they were not in anyone’s favour, at all. So I’m staying here, for as long as I can. Making it as peaceful and enjoyable as I can is the hard part, but I can only do my best to try. And keep being grateful.

I’m very grateful for SF, every day. It contributed in saving me once or twice. It brought me friends. Amazing people. People I sometimes thought didn’t exist, as in people who understand, who fight, who are broken yet still sooo kind and smart. It’s so easy to lose faith in people, but definitely not on SF. All I see here is that there are plenty of beautiful people out there, all different, but all beautiful. And I learned SO MUCH from each and every one of them. You probably don’t even know it, but if we interacted at some point, you taught me something, you made me grow in some way. It happens every day and means the world.
SF also brought me a sense of being needed, in a way... Something I do not get from work, or family. I feel like I’m not too bad at something that actually matters.
Also being appreciated for who I am, that doesn’t really happen much. :p

Anyways. I’m here sitting in my car running the engine. Could write for hours about this and that, but I should get back home. Keep trying. Stay alive. Every day.
Hope you all have a wonderful day or evening. *hug


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1. I am grateful for the weather, its blissful outside. Grateful to still be working when many are not.

2. I'm thankful for the peeps here who have helped me throughout the year. Thankful that nobody in my family has too serious of health issues.

3. I'm grate I live in a place with free health care. That things could be worse in my life.

I enjoy it here with like minded folks who are understanding and welcoming.
Thank you for the tag.
Things I’m grateful for today.

1. A colleague who is becoming a friend who took me out for lunch for my birthday today.

2. My kids at the moment in time are all ok. This is what I strive for each and every day.

3. My family who, although I push them away sometimes, always stay and I know they care.

SF is amazing with some amazing and inspirational people. I came to SF when I was feeling completely lost, lonely and at my lowest point. I found people who show such strength and understanding. People who really do care. I am very grateful to everyone on SF for being there and I hope I can be there for you too.


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I'm grateful for:
1. My friends (I was going to cheat and name 3 friends for the full list, but I won't do that)
2. That I have an opportunity to have a job that lets me feel a sense of purpose
3. That there is a wolf preserve within a 1 hour drive from where I live so I get to spend time with them

What I like about SF is the support that I've gotten when I needed it, having the chance to offer support when I can, and just learning about so many different perspectives and experiences - I hate that people are going through this, but at least having this space gives us all a chance to be listened to (and we'd all be going through these things if this site didn't exist, so it's good that it does!)


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Hello everyone !
Thank you @Champagne for the tag.

I am grateful today for spending time with my cat, cooking a meal without burning it and for being tagged in this topic.

I also get comfort by coming on SF. I get the opportunity to chat with amazing people who make a difference in each other's life just with few words of kindness. I'm really grateful this place exists, for the world's sake.
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