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Jitsu master!

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Not that amazing, but did feel good at the time... the adrenaline and nerves of being in a cometition, being watched by loads of people, filmed and knowing that there's a chance you might get hurt if you're not careful kinda takes away all other thoughts. I got through the first round as well, there were about 500 white belts and only 45 of us got through, made me feel good to be good at something. Didn't get into the final 9 though unfortunately, but was still good...
Hey congratulations! I didn't know there was anyone else here that was competive in fight tournaments!
I've a bit of a varied belt array from a lot of different ones, but currently fighting as a blue belt in tae kwon doe tournies.

Good to hear you did good! I've never tried Ju Jitsu, though I wanted to.
woop! well done. sounds amazing! :smile: can't believe you've only been doing it that long...ooh and one who listens ooh i was red tag in tae kwon do. damn wish i hadnt given it up! twas good :biggrin:
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