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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by jjustme, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Hi everybody,

    It's my first day on the forum and I think it'll be nice here. My English is not very good so I'm sorry I hope you'll understand everything. I write texts since 4 months now and I like to post some. They're not very good, but i'm still lerning:unsure: I don't write poems, only texts. Well this are some of my shortest texts...

    Fuck this world,
    Fuck this people,
    Why don't they see how I'm feeling?
    Don't they care about me?
    They don't see I'm too tired,
    Too tired of this life.
    They don't see this fight is too hard,
    Too hard for me.
    They don't see I think I'm not strong enough,
    Not strong enough for this world.
    Fucking people!
    Open your eyes!
    And see that I'm going down!
    Don't they see I need their help?
    Or doesn't it matters to them...

    In this classroom,
    All kids do look so happy.
    Do I look happy too?
    Are there other kids in this classroom,
    Who don't feel right?
    Who'd rather be gone?
    I don't think so.
    Nobody knows how I'm feeling

    Cut your wrists.
    See the blood.
    Feel the pain.
    It blacks your eyes.
    You feel so dizzy.
    But what does it matters?
    After that,
    You’ll be dead.
    So cut your wrists.
    And make yourself happy.

    I feel like I'm drawning in my inside tears.
    How long will I survive?
    How long will I be strong enough?
    The difficult questions,
    Which will only be answered when it's too late.
    That's a shame.
    I feel like I'm drawning in my inside tears.

    I feel like I'm going down,
    Going down in this big world,
    With so many people,
    Who don't see I'm not okay.
    Don't they see there's something wrong with me?
    Maybe it's better to end this life.
    Who cares?...

    Short note
    Don't worry.
    I'm happy now.
    Please don't cry,
    Cause I'm not really gone.
    I only left this cruel world...
  2. Your langauge is quite good enough to express what most of us feel here. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the poet's corner and SF.
    Please keep sharing.
    And your "texts" are as good as any poems because for poems there are no rules - not here at least

  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I agree - your english is quite good enough to express your feelings, and, as FAL1 said, there are no rules in poet's corner.

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