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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by endgame01, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. endgame01

    endgame01 Member

    How difficult is it to get work when you are in the depressed state?
    I am finding the depression is skewing my perceptions of myself and the jobs I am going for.
    I used to have a well paid programmer job, complete with company car. My depression completely destroyed this situation. I find I am looking for jobs which I would normally never consider. I think its because the depression and the lack of self-esteem I am applying for low-paid retail jobs. I also looked at overnight jobs in warehouses (so people would not be frightened of my ugly face), and courier jobs, where my contact with people would be transient.
    I no longer believe I am worth having a decent job.

    Its almost like getting the following letter:

    Dear Applicant,

    Thank you for your recent application for the job of Human Being. Unfortunately, you were unsuccessful this time.

    Does anybody else sometimes feel this way? Am I being overly sensitive about such rejections?
  2. No_Life

    No_Life Well-Known Member

    as far as i am aware, its illegal to turn you down for a job because you are depressed, so as long as you give an interview your best shot and manage to come across as good for the job, they have to treat you like anyone else.

    however, i know as well as anyone that that's hard to do and just getting out of bed for an interview or even looking for a job is very hard when your not motivated because your depressed. its a truly life-ruining disease.
  3. SuicidalAgain

    SuicidalAgain Well-Known Member

    Did you really recieve that letter? Seriously? I'm sorry if you're serious, it's just that sometimes I can't believe how monstrous human beings can be to do such things.

    What are your options? Can you see a therapist? He'd help you out of the depression state, but seeing as you don't have a job it may be a challenge.
  4. Fizzled

    Fizzled Member

    I think he was being sarcastic, lol.

    And I feel you endgame01, I've applied for many jobs over the year, and I don't even get rejection emails/letters. People just take one look at me and immediately say "no".
    It's very distressing as there are barely any jobs around as it is thanks to immigrants. :(
  5. endgame01

    endgame01 Member

    I was being sarcastic! The one aspect of my mind that keeps me alive is my dark sense of humour. Even in the midst of the turmoil, my twisted sense of perception helps me cope.

    I did say "it was like receiving" that letter.
  6. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    This is a complex. You think that others are looking at you but do you know that for sure? can you read their minds? are you out there looking at other people's faces?
  7. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    I feel exactly the same way as you do.
    I've been out of work for over a year and along with being agoraphobic and depressed, I just feel like I must be completely incompetent and unable to get even a simple menial job.
    I feel like whenever I leave the house, people are always looking at me, or thinking or saying bad things about me.
    I also feel like; because I'm terrified and nervous all the time- people must be able to tell how I'm feeling and maybe they're laughing at me or disgusted by me.

    All of these thoughts and feelings are projections, though.
    Because we don't like ourselves; we feel like everyone else must feel the same... when really; no one knows anything about either of us - they are not staring and probably not even thinking about us in any manner whether it be negative or positive.

    It's hard to get a job.
    More than likely though-- if you can not get a job you have applied to it has nothing to do with your actions or your 'incompetence' for work; but with your confidence in yourself... since you (and I) have none.

    It's really fucking hard to actually get it through my head though.
    The fact that people probably don't care about me at all; but I automatically think they must think I'm horrible, crazy, etc.... is hard to 'unlearn'.
  8. confusedgirl

    confusedgirl Well-Known Member

    I'm sure I heard on the news the other day that employers are no longer allowed to ask about mental health? Hopefully this will help people to get jobs they deserve!
  9. down-and-maybeout

    down-and-maybeout Well-Known Member

    I know just how this feels. Before I was diagnosed with clinical Depression I found it easy to get jobs, had plenty of skills etc. I was never out of work for long. But now, no-one is interested. Most employers don't even bother to respond.

    I have no doubt that I am being discriminated against because of my mental health. And the law against discrimination is another one of those nonsensical unenforceable laws - how is anyone ever going to prove it? The companies get away with whatever they want.
  10. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    yep. it seems they judge you the harshest.
    I feel like even if i smile and act friendly and worryless..
    they can see my insecurity through my eyes. I swear they can.
    they can see it! but im also very paranoid so i never quite know if its me or them. lol

    yeah..depression makes you think your not good enough for certain jobs..
    and every job looks intimidating especially when youve been off work for a long period of time.....
    but you have to be confident..and you can adapt to
    be able to do them...even if it looks impossible youll find yourself adapting
    to it... thats what i try to tell myself :D
    even though i apply for jobs like Mccdonalds..because I think
    im not smart enough to use a cash register.

    but i suppose its not impossible
    for someone to hire me for a cashier position even though
    the only experience ive had was a bagger at a grocery store for a year?
    its not impossible! I think. Its all in your head! you can do it :3
  11. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    Oh yes... this really resonates with me, even though I'm only 17. I know that I'm going to turn out like this...
  12. jjjoooggg2

    jjjoooggg2 Well-Known Member

    I thought programming would be a good job for people who avoids contact with people. I would have thought you'd find another programming job.
  13. jjjoooggg2

    jjjoooggg2 Well-Known Member

    Driver Courier job, work at home jobs may be okay with depression.
  14. jjjoooggg2

    jjjoooggg2 Well-Known Member

    You could be a virtual assisstant. Do work at home on a computer.
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