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    Hi, I am SO sorry if this is in the wrong place!
    But I have a job interview on Friday - it's nothing too exciting, just the cinema - I need it for the Summer as work is a little dry at the moment. I've never had a job interview before, so I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips? I'm a little (lot) anxious and nervous so any help will be gratefully received!

    Thank you so much in advance,
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    Wow! A first job interview. How exciting. And nerve wracking. I would suggest googling interview techniques and questions. Then review those questions and come up with some answers. This will help you be prepared. Dress your best. Smile. Have a firm handshake. Have confidence in yourself. Be ready for questions like 1)why do you want this job (the answer is not for money), 2) can you provide examples of your dependability, 3) how well do you work with other people, 4)what is your experience in working around customers (don't say none, use school or church activities to show you can get along). These are just a few samples. Many more can be found in a google search. Have faith in yourself, believe you can do the job, and try to relax. And good luck.
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    How did the interview go lux? best of luck, we're all here to back you up whether you get it or not :) just be yourself:)