Job-rant even though it is irrelevant cause I don't wanna live that long

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    I was venting a bit in chat yesterday, with what started out as a minor comment about something that frustrated me: How at job interviews you're asked about your personality, and you have to be an "outgoing" person etc, and talk yourself up. I said this is not fair and they should not fucking do that.

    It turned into a discussion, and I started being actually frustrated, because no one was listening to what I was saying. It was like talking to a wall.
    People said it was fair, I said that it shouldn't matter, they said it should, I said that with that system I would never get a job because I am not outgoing and I do not like talking myself up. They kept insisting that it should be that way. They said a lot of weird things about how it didn't matter, I said how does it not matter, they said "it does matter!" etc, frustrating and confusing and contratictions galore. Basically they all agreed how good the job-interview system is, which is the same as agreeing it is good I will never get a job. That pissed me off.

    Anyways, my issue is with the job-seeking-system. They should not ask me about my personality, they should not require me to talk about what a great person I am, how easy I am to get along with, how quickly I connect with people etc, because I am introverted and I don't see that changing anytime soon. They should STFU about my personality and just ask if I can do the job. My personality type will never land me a job. So the system is unfair. I do not appreciate people saying this IS fair.
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    I am also an introvert. And it does make finding a job hard. You do have to be able to sell yourself during the interview. And, unfortunately, personality is part of it. But certain jobs are better for introverts then others. Customer service is definitely out. But warehouse work, data entry, if you could find something during 3rd shift, that would be ideal. Hardly any people contact during those jobs. I know I loved it when I had second shift work.
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    when they bang on about the personality and ask you that stuff, talk of what you can bring to the job, examples of situations you have been in, stuff like that?

    don't add anything you don't want to, i mean as long as one gives off an i- can- be- approached vibe, it should not matter about the personality so much, i agree. as long as you can do the job!

    also second bear about some jobs being better for intros than extros
    what career aspiration did you have in mind