Jobs really getting me down....rant

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    So I have a good job in an industry I like and am knowledgable about - I am a web designer.

    But whats really just wearing me down and making me depressed is the way people treat me. The people in the office are fine, though they dont really know what I do to well so I never get complimented or criticised or get and feedback on what I do. But clients tend to treat me awfully.

    Now I understand, working in any industry, you are more likely to hear complaints then compliments. But I really do a huge amount of work (unpaid overtime) to keep my clients happy.

    For example - sometimes I get calls in saying that people are having difficulties with their email accounts. 95% of the time this is because they've changed computer or ISP and havent set up their software correctly. Yet it is always my fault. I always politely explain the issue and further more talk them through the process. I could technically just say 'Sorry, not our problem" and hang up, but I want to be polite and helpful. Still they are always rude.

    Today something horrible is happening which is why I am on this rant. I client is annoyed that his site is not live yet. But they havent given me all the written content. I cant help that - I don't know the details of their company and how it works. Yet again, its my fault. I gave them the option of going live and updating later but they didnt want to do it at the time. And now I am here.

    I just dont know what to do to keep dealing with getting hit down all the time. I always work hard and am nice and helpful. It just gets me down so much...
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    I have found that working contracts, be they in writing or verbal so that each side knows the expectations are important...I am going to have a website created for my new business and I know I will have a contractual agreement re each side's contribution and a timeline...maybe speaking to your boss regarding implementing more accountability would be helpful
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    Welcome to the real life world of dealing with customers. :)
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    get everything in writing or e-mail and save copies of everything - not that this always helps either

    in a similar industry - haven't had to work with a client directly in years, but when i did, especially during parallel testing prior to go-live, i kept logs of every decision, every step, every issue - that has bailed me out on more than one occassion although NO customer likes being proven wrong