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    Here we go again, applied for this job 3 times now just to keep someone happy, and theyve rung me every time....but I dont want the the fucking job ok? I know it pays good money, but dealing with assholes, and ppl in bad circumstances 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, isnt my idea of progress.

    Im sick of you going on and fucking on about it...can we just drop it??? please??? I also fail to understand how this is going to help me when I move overseas one of these years. I need a job I can transfer with me, something that allows me to travel, you should be pushing me and encouraging me to do my web stuff, but instead you dismiss always have.

    Fuck, fine, lets just go deeper in debt...not like I give a rats arse. Ive ruined your life and mine already....just keep piling it on baby, im beyond caring.

    No I wont ring them back this time, once was enough, only did it cause I was drunk...moment of weakness you see. You need to stop telling me to answer the phone as well, "that could be them, that could be them, answer the phone"...fuck the phone. I dont care if its the pope, thats why we have an answering machine.

    You watch, they'll advertise this job again, and it will be part fucking four, its worse than Rocky...

    Just give it a break for heavans sake, let it die.
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    Well its a bit hard to avoid them when they ring 7.00pm Thursday night and someone else picks up the phone.

    So i had what they refer too as a "phone screen". Supposedly I came across really well, sounded confident, articulate and intelligent...wasnt even drunk this time lol. Anyways ill know whether i get to the next stage (assessment centre) on the 11th of May, I feel like bombing it, but at 45k to 55k a year, that would be a bit stupid I guess...
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