John Hayward had died

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    He was my friend and he died at the age of 87 of esophogal cancer last night. I met him about five years ago in a pub. He was english, but he lived in this country for three decades. Despite the huge difference in our ages, we took to each other well. He liked the fact that I knew all about the old british comedians that he loved and I could imitate all the goon characters. The last few years hadn't been good to him. His wife passed away a few years ago and he was forced to sell his house after he broke his hip and couldn't live there anymore. He had some problems with his children and went to live with his sister in Nevada for the last couple of years, so I didn't get to see him. He called me every other week but he never gave me his sister's phone number, so I could never call him. Last I heard from him, he left two messages for me on Saturday and Sunday night, but I was out those nights and, since I didn't have the number, could not call back. On Sunday night, he sent me an e-card for Christmas and on Monday night, I emailed him some comedy recordings of people like Marty Feldman and The Two Ronnies. I have to assume that he never got them because he went to the hospital that night. I knew that he was dying, but it is still hard to believe that he is gone. I hope he is with his wife June somewhere.
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    Sorry to hear about your friend. He sounds like he was an interesting character. How are you coping with the news of his passing?
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    Im so sorry for your loss :hug:
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    sorry to hear of your loss

    R.I.P john
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    RIP john.. he sounds like an interesting character