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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Isa, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    Okay, Im currently in my own siege of mental rehab, cutting down on sugar (to reduce sugar crashes), sleeping at more sensible times (night time) going out of the house more (where possible) etc etc. I have a good reason and therefore good motivation.

    So.. this thread is for me to try and think of good things about myself, so if you need some confidence join in, whats good about you ?

    Please do not reply 'nothing'. This thread is needed for my positivity. If you need to make a 'whats crap about me' thread thats fine, ty.

    And dont say 'oh thats not true' about someone else. This is for yourself, do not comment on other peoples good or bad points here. Help yourself remember that you can be a good person

    Even if you only add one thing at a time, try and keep a list (so copy and paste your previous comments into your next post, then add to it, so your last post in the thread contains all your good qualities ready for the next time you go to add to it)

    * I am funny, I cannot deny that I make myself and many others laugh
    * I am funny because I am quick and intelligent
    * I am intelligent (therefore).
    * I have a high IQ, and think about things logically and efficiently
    * I am organised (in my mind)
    * I know loads of quotes from Futurama and Eddie Izzard
    * I care about others to the point of insanity
    * I write exceptional poetry (dont slate my poetry cos of this comment pleeease lmao)
    * I havent cut myself in months
    * I have the strength to overcome adversity in my life without the support of family (cept mom)
    * I can forgive almost anything (Jason, Chris, etc)
    * My hair looks better this length than it did short and I like the colour... but I still will cut and dye it soon lol
    * I can be amusing even when Im in a bad mood
    * I see the beauty in the world, even if I dont appreciate it sometimes
    * I am trustworthy
    * I will refuse to speak badly of someones friends to them, as it is disrespectful
    * I keep fighting (see doctors :p)
    * I make clothes / skins etc in SL, and I am proud of them
    * I will work round the clock to help someone feel better (Mist & Asher)
    * I am insane, and therefore my humour and intelligence knows no boundaries
    * I am intuitive, and can tell within minutes if I will like a person or not
    * I am a know it all, lol, I can always tell when people fancy each other even online!
    * I am a good friend (I hope)


    * I make awesome forums (sorry but I do)
    * I am a fair and emphatic moderator on forums
    * I have great taste in music
    * I was born in July, when its nice and warm and everyones happy
    * I do not smoke
    * I do not drink alcahol (looks guilty)
    * I do not take drugs
    * I do not sleep around when single
    * I do not cheat on my partners, I give myself wholly to them
    * I say what I believe but in a tactful way
    * I take great photographs
    * I cant kill a moth or a spider even though they scare the shite out of me
    * I write amusing songs to make people laugh (examples, uber jew, do it in a car, the wagonwheel song)
  2. LittleSparkles13

    LittleSparkles13 Well-Known Member

    I like my eyes
  3. LonelyKid

    LonelyKid Well-Known Member

    I'm a very quick learner.
  4. FoReVeR LoSt

    FoReVeR LoSt Well-Known Member

    i'm good @ sports
  5. Insignificant

    Insignificant Account Closed

    omg i am so animated and funny. i don't know a single joke but the stouf that rattles off of the top of my head leads people to believe i'm full of them. i have a generous ear and always trying to lend a helping hand. i am a devoted mother as well as a good one.
  6. danni

    danni Chat Buddy

    I'm good at helping people, and i'm also good when someone tell me a joke a take a long time to actual get the joke lol
  7. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    I can't add to this right now, but I had to say something about this:

    I :wub: you even more than I did previously, if that's possible. You're fantabulous!
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