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  1. makeitlooksoprettyburning

    makeitlooksoprettyburning Well-Known Member

    ive gained 14lbs in the last few months and i just cant seem 2 get rid of it. it makes me feel ill when i get dressed in the morning and my clothes are skin tight. things have been rather stressful lately and ive been comfort eating. i can get through a whole packet of biscuits in a matter of minutes, and then i want to be sick.

    in the past i have suffered with various mild eating disorders, but now i want to lose weight the healthy way. i love healthy food and hate all the biscuits i eat. i dont even know why i eat them. they dont even give me a short burst of satisfaction. with every bite i want to kill myself more and more.

    is anyone else in a similar situation and want to join me?? we can motivate each other!! :)
  2. makeitlooksoprettyburning

    makeitlooksoprettyburning Well-Known Member


    i need help
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi and sorry this response is delayed...I think if eating is a problem, then one should switch strategies...why not try excercising? core excercises, especially, give a sense of strength and can start the feeling of comfort with one's body...it seems that feeling good in one's body is much healthier than watching the numbers on the scale and is less catalytic to setting off some kinds of eating disorders...also, yoga and other types of movement arts may help...these are just a few thoughts and hope they are helpful.
  4. Jewel

    Jewel Well-Known Member

    Sure, I wanna help you!