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    So, I've been seeing a psychologist, and today I sort of got my "diagnosis". It seems I actually had this guy as a lecturer when I studied for my minor in psychology, which is sort of nice - it relaxed things a little. Anyways, it seems I've had dysthymia for at least a decade. Compared to a clinical depression, it's less severe, but it can last longer. Depressions typically last a year or two at the most, if left untreated, but dysthymia lasts for more years, and can last a lifetime if left untreated. Anyways, on top of that, it seems I do have a depression, and have had one on and off. This one has probably stuck with me for almost a year now. Then he started talking about some agitated depression, which I'm not entirely sure what is, but it was to explain my weird behavioral patterns - I have mood swings and my energy levels also fluctuate immensely.

    So, the joke is, I'm sitting there, and he's done. He's sort of just looking out the window and reflecting for a moment, I think. And I'm just like: "Sooooo, how many depressions do I have, doc?" And I know it sounds really sad in a way, but we just laughed, and it was great. It was like something out of a movie. I'm pretty sure it's actually made my whole day today.

    An upside, also, is that we're starting the "real" therapy next time we meet, and I'm feeling a little bit of hope right now. I've been having thoughts of death for many weeks in succesion, but today I actually feel hope. I hope the therapy's gonna work. I'm glad that I'm actively doing something to try to make things better. I just hope it works. Time will tell.

    Hang in there, everyone.