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    My best friend Jonathan took his life on May 12th. The detectives called me at night, to tell me what happened and asked me questions. Jonathan left my phone number on the table for them, so I guess that was his bye. :cry: As I think of everything now, I can see the signs of the last day we talked... it hurts.

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    I'm going to miss Jonathan so much, he was in a lot of pain and has been through so much throughout his life. I know some of you were his friend, and I know he had a bit of a troublemaker reputation here. But I just wanted to say that there was another side to him. Jonathan was such an amazing, caring friend, I loved talking to him everyday, I cherish every hour with him, every laugh, every deep conversation, I am thankful to of known such an amazing person and friend. I'm going to miss every inner joke we shared, every laugh about anything and everything. Jonathan was the best friend I've ever had. I love him so much and I will never forget him.

    Rest In Peace Jonathan :heart:, I know you're with your friend Tony now.

    His family members put an old picture of him :|, <mod edit-gentlelady-personal picture>
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    im sooo sorrry to hear about his loss, he will be missed :hug:
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    :cry: R.I.P

    sorry for your loss hun..
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend....sooo sad....((HUGS))
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    I'm sorry to see him go...

    Very sad whenever you hear that someone goes through with it.
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