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  1. itachi

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    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but in chat it seems to me that the people who need to talk and are upset are just getting ignored by people who are all happy and cheery.:sad:

    Tonight i sat in chat for about 30min, and i noticed this there were atleast 3 people who came in, over that time who were upset and they were just treated like dirt. Noone would respond to anything they said, and for all intensive purposes they were treated like they were invisible by the rest of the room.:mad:

    It seems to me to be alittle ironic that the people who need help the most end up getting the least.
    I mean i accept that there are times when you may not want to talk about upsetting things, but atleast you could tell them that, and point them to someone or sumplace that they can get someone to talk to.
    I surely wouldn't want to be ignored if i was upset.
    this site is suppost to support people to make them feel better, not make them feel invisible and insigificant.

    Aren't we all suppost to care about eachother here?
    Coz that is 1 hell of a shitty way of showing it.

    Its just bad form Guys.
    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I truely honestly feel discusted by that.
    I expected better :mad:
  2. Josh, I haven't been to chat yet today, though I agree with you entirely. I am very annoyed with alot of the new "happy happy" teenage children who have gone in there and create "no-negativity" rooms and such, which cause a very hostile, unfriendly, and unwelcoming environment for people here. However, I have no doubt that if this becomes a serious enough problematic issue, Robin will deal with it. Already, the adult channel has been deleted, and new rule changes, all of which I think are very helpful.
  3. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    i know how josh feels...i have felt ingored by a lot of people in chat....

    i know where josh is coming from

    i understand
  4. Vitreledonellidae

    Vitreledonellidae Well-Known Member

    I know, but what you cant see is that people send them privat messages if they want to talk or something. That chat for me is a place where I can laugh, most of the time I will come in that chat all depressed and they will cheer me up. So I want to keep it like that, a cheerfull place, thats why I send people who are upset pms. But you're right, we need to be there for each other
  5. By the way, I also think it's a problem that there are these "happy" members who seem to enjoy insulting "depressed" members by ignoring them, and even creating "no-negativity" rooms. It creates an environment of exclusion, which is worse, in essence, because of the purpose of this site. The purpose is not about being a place to talk about million dollar cars and computers in a sense that it "drowns-out" the needs of members who are depressed and need support.
  6. itachi

    itachi Well-Known Member

    I know that happens hun. There are lots of really great people on this site aswell

    but how do you explain all of the.....
    [???] Hi Guys
    [---] Oh im so so cool
    [???] :sad:
    [---] Look at me everyone im so funny
    [---] Lol hahahaha
    [???] Heeelllooo
    [---] blah blah blah blah
    [---] mumble mumble mumble
    [???] can someone please talk to me?
    [---] lets all have a sing along guys!!!
    [???] :cry:
    [---] wow lol funny!
    [---] blah blah blah blah
    [---] blah blah blah blah
    [???] Why won't anyone talk to me?
    [---] blah de blah blah blah
    [???] well obviously noone gives a damn
    [---]ho hum hum
    [---] blah blah blah blah
    ??? has logged out.

    hun ive seen and heard of far to many things like that and quite franky ive had enough of it.
  7. Lavendere

    Lavendere Active Member

    I kinda agree, some people like to talk about irrelevant stuff and depending on their mood and situation and some may take it as an offense. Others might just want to listen and not talk at all (hopefully that doesn't count as being ignorant).
    But then you have this other side of things where talking about irrelevant things help distract people from other things on their mind.
    I don't think anyone's real intention is to make it hard for anyone else. Maybe things are taken the wrong way unless it's really obvious.

    Forgive me if I make no sense whatsoever. :mellow:
  8. Well, after all, some people can't be happy if they are helping others too much, too often. After all, how can we expect certain people to care on SF chat when they are too busy discussing the best, newest cars their parents drive. Perhaps, they would rather just sit in chat and sing happy songs and imagine that suicide means "happy thoughts" rather than typically gruesome death which leads to alot of pain. Of course, some people are so cold-hearted, they would laugh and smile to see someone in pain. It's sad that they did that to a very good person, my friend, Josh. :hug: to you, Josh.
  9. itachi

    itachi Well-Known Member

    Lavendere hun, im not saying there is something wrong with general chat
    the fact that noone even take a couple of seconds to say hi to someone or ask how someone is that gets me.
    besides being upsetting
    its just plain rude.
  10. FlipsycKill

    FlipsycKill Active Member

    Same here yo with you 100% whats up with these new people now coming in SF that probably think were all "emo" and that they pretend to think that were pretending to be depressed for attention I mean I understand if thats their personal belief but if there coming in to a suicide prevention support website and insulting other depressed people who need the most support in their darkest hour then thats gone too far! And if you are one of those people reading this then why are you here on SF in the first place don't you have better things to do than insult depressed/suicidal people here and pushing them off the edge? If not go f*** youself mother f***** ****sucker and if your from salinas your gonna get messed up.... no harsh feelings to everyone else :rolleyes:
  11. Vitreledonellidae

    Vitreledonellidae Well-Known Member

    Yeah thats truth josh, I agree with you, i said that before. And most of the time when those people are down, everyone has to listen to them. But BP it doesnt mean that those people are cold-hearted, you cant just say that about them. Everyone is like that sometimes, when they are finally feeling good, they dont want to be get down and in pain again. Everyone would be fucking cold-hearted. Dont get me wrong I agree with you, sometimes they get treated like shit. But we also have a triggered part in chat, because if you shout it out in chat other people can get triggered. Is that we want? I've seen that a lot too. When almost everyone got triggered and almost everyone wanted to hurt themself, and when you're pm-ing with half the chat, so you can change their minds, make them feel better. I think its nice that our chat can be so cheerfull and happy, a place to go to, where you can be yourself and laugh. And people who are upset, shouldnt get ignored. And I know I can do that. And I'm sorry for that, does that mean now I'm a cld-hearted bitch, yeah I am, wrong example. But you can be like that, I can be like that, everyone can be like that? We are only human, and human are fucking egoistic. And now i said a lot of idiotic stuff and rambling and ranting the whole time, sorry for that >.<
  12. One of the awesome things about SF which needs attention here, is that the wonderful vbulletin forum software which this site is based on, offers the ability to put messenger contact information on. If people are happy, and they don't want to get triggered, they can get together with their other happy friends on a messenger, that way, there is no ignorance on chat, and no insulting "no-negativity" rooms. My opinion is that room creation ought to be eliminated anyways, so that SF can be more like it use to be, with one very nice chat room.
  13. Nakur

    Nakur Guest

    First of all... thanks broken product for actually hating me because I was actually in a good mood that we have a nice car. I am sorry the fact that I am happy for something offends you.

    I as many (if not all), Have come to this site in search of help so that I would no longer want to kill myself.. I found that talking about things that make me happy works alot better then only ever discussing things that actually make me want to kill myself. Again sorry for feeling the need to not be suicidal anymore.

    It's always nice to hear people tell me that i'm apparently a "m*ther f*cker" for doing my best to stay happy in my own way. Now I know everyone has different ways of doing that, which is why we made the no negativity room... It's made where we can just sit and talk while not having to hear about things that made us suicidal in the first place.. Is that really so selfish?

    Broken product, im sorry that my lifestyle offends you.. Would you be happier if I talked about having just bought a new toy car instead of a real one? .. no seriously, you can't blaim me for the way I live..

    About the fact that you guys seem to think that "we" ignore people in need,.. as far as I can remember I have helped every person that bothered to PM me with their problem.. You cannot simply say we are ignoring someone just because they suddenly shout out "im feeling so suicidal" It's something that actually can act as a trigger to the rest of the chat room. Ask us if we would mind helping them or giving an opinion, in my honest opinion we have never turned someone down that asked us for help. Or give a PM if you desperatly need help, but understand that while we were on a "irrelevent" discussion, that we actually are happy at the time being and that we don't always want to be sucked back into feeling down. Also I thought there was a TS room for people in need, if you go there any number of us will usually Always send a pm to ask what is wrong and if we can help.

    Some people ( yes some ), Actually get cheered up by the "happier" chat that sometimes occurs in either the lobby or the room made for it. As said before, not everyone deals with things in the same way. You cannot simply say we are "Bad" just because we deal with things differently.

    We don't mean any offence to anyone with it, just try to understand that please.

    I'm sure I will very much likely get butchered for posting my opinion ( which in turn is how you make a "happy" person feel suicidal... by attacking him. )

    Ps. next time if your going to obviously talk about me Broken Product, just use the name,.. it doesn't offend me any more or any less.
  14. Actually, I am not attacking you, merely that I'm mentioning what has happened on chat. Let alone, if I were to "attack", which I'm not, and I won't, I will say that I have yet to ever receive a hello from you, ever. I've been involved on SF for ten months, and I've tried to be friendly to everyone, as most members on SF have been to me. I'm writing based on observation. How is it that all of the sudden, you choose to talk with me?
  15. Nakur

    Nakur Guest

    I am replying because I feel offended by what you write and I do not think it is true.

    I have not been here for long so yeah I can't have said hello to you before that. If I remember correctly, I say "word" to everyone that I see.. I don't exclude anyone from that. Forgive me if I happened to have went on with my own chat after that though. I did not realise it was bad to stick to an on going discussion. And as far as I can remember,.. you have not said anything else to me aswell, so I really don't see your problem there.
  16. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    ok, can people please stop attacking each other here, whether you meant to or not thats whats currently happening and could get this thread closed if it continues

    the main reason for chat is to socialise and have a bit of fun, at the same time we try not turn people away when they need help, at times though the conversation can be fast moving and things can get over looked, esspecially if its off topic, im sure no one means to ignore people in need, its unfortunate that it can happen though

    of course people can always PM others for advice and support, if theres a mod in there you could even ask them to ask the room to give some support if that make sense
  17. Zueri

    Zueri Well-Known Member

    Hey Jas!
    I totally agree with you...although I have paid my dues to the "positive chat" rooms... :shy:
    It seems that the people who create them have good intentions, yet they end up getting twisted out of hand...
    I hope, the the sake of SF, things get sorted out...
    Chat has been rather strange lately...
  18. I respect bunny's message here, and I abide by that. I don't mean to "attack" anyone, and I'm sure most on SF will state that I am very respectful of people here. However, Nakur, I mean this nicely, I have tried to talk with you a few times, not on pm, though on chat, yet until today, I haven't received any response from you at all, so please understand my frustration, especially when other people have been frustrated by the atmosphere of SF chat as of late. It bothers me to see what has been such a great community, seperate like this. The new chat format of seperate rooms breaks up the community and minimizes the support base, whereas before room creation was allowed so simply, there was a much more supportive environment. I understand that the SF staff didn't purposely start the format, it was a major software update to the existing chat at the time it was updated. It is sad though that people feel so triggered in a chat about suicide, that they'd feel the need to create "no-negativity" rooms, besides, people in crisis that go into chat for support, shouldn't be required to hunt down someone on pm for support.
  19. Nakur

    Nakur Guest

    Okay here's is what I'll do...
    As I do not want to be seen as someone that is "cold" or such, I shall ask my mates to just remain in the regular room. I hope that people realise which things could trigger and act about them in an understanding way by moving to the TS room.

    I honestly do not notice if I have replied or not, I has never been my intention, or any of us for that matter, To hurt anyone's feelings.

    I guess I do understand why some people feel bad because of our actions, hopefully our side will get the slightest bit of understanding aswell.

    Thus, I here by politely ask for the chat-o positivio to be stopped for a few days to see how that goes..

    -Alex ( A slightly less stubborn one at the moment. )
  20. Nakur, that is very good. :hug: