Journey of the Flesh

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    Journey of the Flesh

    You ask me my story
    I smile and ask "why"?
    "I want to know you better"
    At this I chuckle with a sigh

    "Trust me, you dont want this"
    This burden, this sadness
    all of the sins on my world
    and happiness or nothing to miss

    You look deeper into
    my eyes full of dark and despair
    searching for something?
    Anything along to help your fare

    "Show me" You whisper
    above a shortend breathe
    "Please tell me your tale"
    I sigh, Into my hell we'll be sent

    I begin as I roll up my sleeve
    and turn on the light
    you gasp and reel
    At what lies in your sight

    That of my wrongs and mistakes
    when it was to much, this hurt
    my somethings of regret
    were laid on in scars to search

    To many among these marks
    almost to much to count
    but I remember them all in them
    hopefully something to be found

    Another as I open my shirt
    "I wanted it to be gone"
    As you see the scar among my heart
    The burning getting to hard

    I turn now for you to
    glispe a gash on my side
    "This is when I was stabbed by
    a friend, kill me he tried"

    I go back to my arm as you see
    a deeper mark among the rest
    "This is when my family left me"
    After all, I am only a pest

    My life of flesh
    and of these failings sort
    it all end the same for me
    of this life all in distort

    As you stare into nothing
    I reach over for a folder
    "These writings hold everything:
    All my thoughts and sadness to shoulder

    Decipher what you wish
    and how so deep I know
    that this was always my fault
    and above all its clear to show

    I nod as you leave my act be done
    I wont be here when they come
    I take my kit to day at least
    Take a deep breathe and whisper..
    "I wish I could say it was fun.."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.