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  1. iNeedYou

    iNeedYou Member

    Why are people always looking at me with stupid expressions on the faces. It feels like they're judging me before they even know my name! It makes me feel cold and warm at the same time. I got picked on a lot last year, they called me ugly over BBM and Twitter. I still feel só insecure when people judge me. Everytime they do that, I feel ugly, worthless and I just want to stab myself.
    I want to relief the pain I feel, but I don't know how. Nobody knows I feel this way, I don't dare to cut nor commit suicide, I'm too much of a pussy to really do something.
    I do stand up for myself and others, but sometimes it's too much. I cry myself to sleep sometimes...
  2. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    I don't buy into the "judging me" concept. By assuming you are being judged, and by letting it bother you, you are making those around you more important than yourself. Who are they? Why are they your superiors? Why do you feel they are in a position to judge things down upon you? Be more important than that. I don't know what BBM is, but get rid of Twitter. The very name alone infers something negative; TWITter. People say they are "tweeting," but it is not TWEETer, it is TWITter... so they are actually only "twitting." Don't be a twit. You are not ugly and worthless unless that is how you view your own self. Be more than that. Find value in who you are. Look for your positive and outstanding attributes and build on those so they become even stronger. There is no judging if you are innocent of any wrongs, so don't accept the term "judging me." Every time I hear someone say "don't judge me," I wonder why they feel so belittled of them self. Stand up and go forward for you.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Dam hun i know words can do more harm hun i do Please hun don't let them have that power over you ok They are the ones that are ugly deep inside they are hun not you hugs
  4. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Janine, people who judge to not feel good about themselves. Judging is an ugly thing to do to someone. I am so sorry that you are being judged by these people. I hope you will make this your community. Come and feel accepted and valued for the good person who you are. Please do your best to stay away from the people who would judge you. I know its hard to not believe them. But people who want to hurt others by judging or any other means lie. So this is why I hope you will come to places like this where you will find good people who dont want to put others down in a feble attempt to make themselves feel superior.
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