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  1. L108935

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    Warm up my heart with your tears
    Let it freeze as it coats its shape
    I thought I loved you, but now I see
    It was your tears that made me gape

    Reflect my illusions of burning love
    Blind me with the creation I've shone
    Never wake from the lie, 'till we die
    As my heart will surely be gone

    Cry on it, while it still exists
    So that it will disappear
    Let the warm tears flood and freeze over
    My life is my only fear

    Envelop my heart with the new ice
    The world is colder than I
    When enough tears freeze over my heart
    You'll need not ever cry

    For my heart will be choked, smothered
    By your sorrow's love
    The tears of manipulation,
    I'm sorry, I can't get above
  2. father_to_be

    father_to_be Active Member

    I really like this, you convey the emotions quite well. (at least the way i took it)
    I really like the first, and third stanzas.
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I love it :)
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