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  1. Julian
    an angel and a brother
    whose time was cut short
    by that all compassionate being

    more then I can imagine
    a child who brought a smile
    and joy to everyone he met

    a beacon of light
    in times of darkness
    and despair

    A candle most dear
    now gone

    Julian 1986-1996.
  2. The light of his candle guides you, or it haunts you, depending on how you see it here and now... also depending on how *he* saw it (if you trusted his sight), which I think might have been more clear. I like to think, I do, he'd rather be a guide to you in his death, if he was such a light in your life, no?

    I'm sorry for the memory of your profound loss these years later... I have my own to mourn...


    P.S. I've frequently wondered about the source of/reason for your name: cyesisdemorte. Pregnancy of/to death?? Why?! Mine is quite plain. The opposite of amazing grace...

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.